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Leaving aside the fact that I just had a facebook friend request from my grandmother...  oh dear lord.  I also kinda just remembered that I repressed the memory of forgot about my appraisal at work tomorrow, for which I have completed absolutely none of the required paperwork. Ho hum.

All of which pales in comparison to the House season 7 opener. I shrieked at the TV, hid behind a cushion several times, went on a frickin' emotional rollercoaster and just about couldn't believe that they were being all.. well, generous with the Huddy payoff after soooo many years of teasing.  

I mean, we were prepared for the unexpected (and reassured that vicodin-related delusions of the exact same thing couldn't happen two (three?) series in a row).  So, it was all real enough - although that moment was a classic when, having dragged a concerned Wilson through the window he had been stuck in, having tried to break in and see if House was ok, he threw open the bedroom door to reveal.... absolutely nobody there.  Which, Cuddy knowing what she knew about last time House thought he'd slept with her, was.. positively cruel. And more than a little bit House-like.

Cuddy is different. She's all zen and unstressy, and skipping work, and barely thinking about Rachel - which, while it fits with them being all loved up this ep, isn't necessarily a good thing, because the baby/House mismatch was always going to be the major argument against this happening, and they're not addressing it at all yet, really.  Which means House's proclamation that this isn't going to work is... probably fairly realistic.  And if it does last, it will only be used as a means of making House absolutely suffer for trying to think he can be vaguely stable and happy for once.  Because that is what House does (the last fairytale wedding we had on here lasted for all of three eps, people. I'm just saying.)

And that last look they both had in the final scene... disbelief? Sheer panic? The odds of them hitting France in a couple of weeks are not great, methinks...

Gah, now I don't know whether to be remotely happy this has finally happened, given my notoriously cursed taste in ships... we shall see!

On another note... tomorrow also brings both another tube strike and delightfully hysterical terror warnings across most of Europe. And I wonder why I watch quite so much TV...


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