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ok, so it's not great that i'm kinda thieving wifi from the only other poor soul on our street who leaves their network unsecured (cos, er, normally that's our thing) but dear god I'm incredibly grateful that someone else has as lax ideas about net security as I apparently do (i started out of compatibility issues but i had a workaround for that that I haven't reinstated for a couple of months, so now just out of sheer laziness, ho hum).

Mostly, obviously, because the thieving bastards over at Orange broadband decided to take advantage of my dad's complete ignorance of how broadband works whilst he was upgrading his phone, and basically hijacked our phone line for their crappy broadband (that I wouldn't pay for in a million years thank you very much).   I like my current broadband.  It hasn't dropped out once in 3 freaking years, which is why i was a little surprised when it went down completely weds evening, and didn't reappear.  Cue much time spent on helpline to Tier 1 call centre peeps who try their hardest, bless 'em, but frankly I can do everything they have on their little checklist all by myself before wasting time and money calling a national rate number...

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*deep breath*
My personal tv channel (my old on-the-brink-of-expiring Sky+ box) is currently running...
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One thing I'd never have predicted... the CW's ridiculously overhyped 'reimagining' of Nikita is actually really rather good.  Shocking, I know.

It shouldn't work.  Really, given that I've loved the original film, the last tv series and, yep, even the Bridget Fonda version many many moons ago... this one shouldn't work.
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1 - Haha! I finally have my Brendan Flowers CD back in my grubby mitts after, er, losing custody of said CD directly after buying it (such a long, dull story).  More importantly, it actually kinda sounds like this could be the Killers album I've been waiting for. Ahem.  More accurately, it sounds like the follow-up to Sam's Town I've been waiting for, because their last one stubbornly refused to stick in my head at all, no matter how many times i stuck it on repeat (excepting Human, of course).  But Flamingo is sticking in my head after one listen, plus it has a duet with Jenny Lewis, and the utterly fabulous 'Crossfire'.

2 - Here's the thing.. I adore the video for 'Crossfire'.  It's a couple of minutes of cute, well-choreographed ultraviolent silliness in which Brandon Flowers gets tied up, threatened with torture and bashfully makes puppydog eyes at Charlise Theron while she goes all Kill Bill and matter-of-factly rescues him from ninjas while looking fabulous. as you do.. )
3 - Aha, my grubby little mitts also have actual booked tickets for the LFF now! No Mayor Gala Premieres this year sadly (*sob*, no Boris gaffes live on stage, dammit!) but the last booking has just gone through (for Carancho) so here we go...
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4 - I cracked and bought Retribution Falls after many, many months of admiring the steampunky prettiness and murmurings of Firefly! With Airships!  Mostly I kept ignoring the way it kinda painfully ripped off little bits of said Whedon classic without actually bothering to retain anything that made it, y'know, good.  There was the writing style that was steadfastly 'tell don't show. Or show and then tell as well. Repeatedly. Just in case the dullard reader didn't quite cotton on.' Ahem. all the spoilery problems I have with this, dammit! )
5 - Tis new season TV time again, yay! As we're very slowly working through the year-old seasons of Chuck, Burn Notice, Dexter, Medium and Leverage, over here, we do at least get House as quick as they can ship it over, and I think Bones should be starting pretty soon, with any luck.  I'm kinda hoping they will stop plastering the airwaves with trailers for Nikita once it starts airing (we had the new, even more half-nekkid Maggie Q, version of said trailer tonight, of course) Read more... )


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