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I've been a little glued to the news channels for the past few days, watching Cairo with a kind of heartsick fascination.  I've rarely visited a city that caught my imagination so utterly, for all that I saw comparatively very little of it.  I have an overwhelming memory of the first time I stepped out onto the hotel balcony and saw the traffic streaming, dozens of lanes wide, across the October 6th bridge, and how hypnotic the view became when the sun came down and the lights came on.  I could live without seeing the southern temples and tombs again, for all that they were immensely impressive, but I have spent the past two years convinced I would go back to Cairo again.
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Ok, well, that might be exaggerating a little... I'm sat outside a bungalow in a resort on a private island in the middle of the Nile, the sun is shining and we went stargazing in the desert last night, so not that tough, I'll grant.

It will bug me a little when I'm back at work on Friday and the general assumption is that two weeks' holiday somehow equals doing sod all.  Frankly it's hard work even staying awake in 43 degree weather, let alone doing anything, and dear god, we've done a hell of a lot recently.  Sure, I guess you can probably relax a bit more if you don't mind going crispy red with third degree sunburn, going down with sunstroke and every stomach bug going and wandering around rural Egyptian towns wearing not very much... There are lots of folk we've travelled with doing exactly that. They seem to be having fun, and I keep staring in awe at quite how red someone's skin can get while they're still apparently ambulatory. 

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But... It wasn't the worst thing that's ever happened here.  Eventually it shifted public opinion back against the extremists, and then 9/11 happened and the world changed again.
Heh.  It's going on for 5pm now, two tiny lizards are warring on the patio, the last of the muezzins are calling and I will absolutely miss that sound after I leave tomorrow.



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