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So it's been a horrifically long, really quite horrible for the most part, day (there was a serious-to-god, visit the police to make a statement about a Very Bad Thing involved, after the very long day at work, and before that there was a 5am start to watch Lost, because I really couldn't not, and omg, what did they do there?).
And yet weirdly I feel about a billion times better after listening to Idina Menzel and the Glee kids covering Poker Face.  It really doesn't take very much, after all that.

Oh Lost, what did you guys do with my show?? I'll admit to feeling a teeny bit conned, somewhere along the line, by all the shiny stuff, and the moments that had me sitting there, hand over heart, kinda sqeeing several million times... and yet, it kinda slipped sideways for a while there, and when it was done spoilery )´╗┐ I hate to say it, but I'm spying the potential for a tv movie next year, a la BSG doing The Plan (clue: there was no plan).  

Also, Ashes to Ashes rocked back from a frankly crappy final series to do a Lost ending before Lost did, except, probably, they did it better.  spoilery )´╗┐Damn, never thought I'd say it, but I could hack another series of that!
And now I need to sleep.

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Heh. Christmas is coming, Twilight  is nearly here and I kinda forgot to book any iceskating this year...

Of course, Ticketmaster is on the long list of sites on the naughty list according to the insane firewall at work (which changes on a daily basis according to, er, what the weather, is by the look of it.  Capricious doesn't even begin to descibe that thing) as is the whole of LJ as of last week, and that made me seriously consider quitting.  And I'm not even over-reacting.. Honestly, now I have managers who actually treat us like grown-ups and, like, trust us to behave and get the work done, I'm quite capable of spending 10 mins here and there during the day switching off and LJ entries happen to be the perfect size for that.  Otherwise, I'm the one that only takes half my lunchbreak and stays late when stuff goes wrong, so we're all in agreement that it's kinda fine.  Except, of course, the IT Fuhrers never seem to agree... Bastards.

In other, completely unrelated news... I'm loving Robin McKinley's Chalice.  It's just... gorgeous.  Beautifully written and the literary equivalent of... slightly spicy hot chocolate, maybe.  Comforting and still a little bit dark.

Also loving Prison Break.. how can you not love the adorable cheek of trying to re-enact both Eternal Sunshine and The Matrix in one scene, while Michael's having a major brain op?!
I half kept expecting Sarah to start quoting Trinity (well, hell, we already knew Mike was The One, surely) and bring him back from the dead with a kiss... Ah well, she just stuck to pleading and it worked just as well!

Not loving Starbucks today.. not that you ever expect to be served by a native English speaker in.. well, any retail anything in London at all really, but today was ridiculous.  As I bought the same thing from the same branch every day this week, and hadn't had a problem before, it was a bit much that I had to repeat my order five times.Very slowly.  And how she then managed to interpret 'steamed milk with vanilla', then 'ok, hot milk. With Vanilla syrup.'  (when i realised we were having communication problems) into the black coffee that I ended up walking out with initially... lord knows, i have no idea.  I really don't.  Cos then I had to go back, queue up again and try explaining it again, and started getting snippy after the sixteenth attempt. 

Gawd knows, it's pretty much part of the basic job requirements, you'd think... Also slightly worrying that it's a problem we run into at work a lot, and that has slightly more at stake than a cappucino unfortunately.

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Heh.  Next week I have an interview for a job that I'm absolutely guaranteed to get, having been doing said job as a temp for a fair bit of the last four years.  And I'm still not kinda sure that I want it. Go figure.

Despite sitting at my desk, doing the job already, I've had to fill out a long and complicated application form, send it off to HR and get an email back yesterday telling me to call them to book an interview time... Oh, and there'll be a typing test! 

So.  I'm sitting there, booking the diary out for the room for the interviews to happen in, and I still have to call over to HR and book myself an interview slot, to be interviewed by my manager, whose diary I have infront of me.  I'll be sitting next door to where the interviews are taking place all day, obviously, meeting and greeting all the other interviewees. *head/desk* 

I'm going to break into hysterically laughter when they ask me to do the typing test, I swear.  The job hardly involves any frickin' typing anymore (which I bitch about constantly, because I liked the typing).

All par for the course, really.. I've 'inherited' the private practice work I really didn't want from my friend, who walked out last week in tears after three years temping in the other half of our department, leaving me to break the news to, er, everyone.  The private work covers my new and improved gym membership fees, I guess, which is something...

And, oh, the kitten.  Who now stays out all night until around 3am, which is a fabulous time to cry right underneath my window until I let her in.  The sooner she learns how to climb in through windows like her predecessor, the less hysterical I'm gona be in the morning when all the sleep deprivation kicks in, methinks...


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