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Heheh.  New Terminator Salvation  trailer decidedly doesn't suck, woohoo!! Not that any of the footage I've seen so far has been worrying, but, new trailer? Super cool. 

And it manages to co-exist beautifully with the TV show, so we get all the angles covered.. I'm a happy bunny.  It looks immense, and dark, and there's a twinge of Dark Knight in there (which can't hurt box office) and yet there's also a lot of bleak, sunbleached skull-crunching warzone stuff.. I'm sold.
And Bryce Dallas Howard, yay! 
From what I can hear, Sam Worthington is sounding slightly Aussie though... It's not impossible in that universe (Jessie's presence got explained a couple of episodes back in Sarah Connor) but I get the impression the character is supposed to be American, unlike Jessie.  Which bugs me, yet again... I also get the impression that some Americans don't recognise Aussie accents, as a lot of them seem to slip through without mention when people are playing Brits/Americans. 
Russell Crowe, especially, can't hold an accent up to save his life these days (seriously, just compare LA Confidential with American Gangster. He's actually worse at keeping the accent up now than before he won the Oscar. Go figure.) .  Melissa George bugged me the whole way through her stint in Alias by sounding ridiculously non-English... and I could go on but it's turning into a bit of a rant now.
Last week was also Franklyn.  Ah, almost, almost, such a great film.  Shame about it being totally batshit crazy. 

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