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So, some months later.... the season finales have been and gone (and more new stuff has arrived. My brain hurts, and my mega upgraded Sky planner cannot keep up.) Some actually new stuff, some hangovers from last year that have only just schlepped across the Atlantic (and I couldn't be bothered to obtain via other means). And it's been an interesting bunch of stuff. Just not always in a good way, unfortunately.  These two especially are still bugging me all this time later...

Worst of the bunch has to be whatever the hell the House writers came up with.  An unholy mess might be putting it kindly.  House ranting... )

Next up was Bones, which kinda ticked all the season finale big moment boxes on paper, but went about it in such an odd way that you couldn't help feeling a little flat when it was over.  Last year dealt with all the insanely complicated emotional angst so well - firstly by giving us the big flashback 100th episode which appeared to end badly, but actually quietly reiterated why they weren't going in that direction just yet, and then on to finally rewarding us with reuniting Ange and Hodgins before sending the whole gang in out different directions to go find themselves (and not have to deal with fiendish murders on a daily basis any more. Except Cam, who would be hard pressed to make a living without fiendish murders, as it were).

And last year's ending was appropriately heartrending, but not necessarily disappointing - satisfaction deferred a while longer, to give the show a little more longevity (understandable, considering what just happened to House after they gave into  making Huddy official at the end of last year.  It's stil the freaking Moonlighting kiss of death).

It was hard to tell where Bones was heading exactly this year -
Bones ramblings... )

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Because of course I do watch too much TV, and my beloved ancient Sky+ box is getting ridiculously full up again, I seem to spend most weekends at the moment in a frenetic catch-up... The trouble is, however many shows I watch get cancelled every year, I can still find a couple dozen things to keep track of, and the damn things all get transmitted at the same time.. it's a tough life.  I do of course have a few hundred far more serious things to stress about, but it's strangely comforting to rather worry about not watching everything instead.  Makes more sense to my narrative-addicted brain, somehow...

Hmmm.. in the interest of trying to keep track of everything:

House is ticking over nicely, but it is just ticking over.  They've kinda run out of steam with all the shippy plots (I'm really supposed to be interested in freakin' Taub? Seriously?) but it's perfectly pleasant watching everthing pootle along.  The Cuddy episode was really quite lovely, though.. the lady herself was very cool, and it was the first time you get a real sense of what actual (fictional) medical administration is really like (and why I don't want to get any  more involved in said administration than I already am, lol). It's buzzy and exceedingly stressful and I'm always entertained by how many medical doctors are willing to trade off their clinical time to become managers.. but that's another story.

Also today was the 99th and 100th eps of Bones... lordy, five years already.  And 100 was a kinda-classic slightly spoilery )I like it.  I've always had a soft spot for this show, right from the post-modern freakery of very loosely basing it on an author's life, rather than the books (except they then stole the name from the books, and made the author character write books about the real-life author.. and then my brain started hurting).  It settles for being silly sometimes, but it's well-written and acted (I loved so much of Booth's dialogue in the 100th ep) and the characters are fun. Ticks all my boxes, anyhoo..

Brothers & Sisters I veer between adoring and vaguely liking..  Kitty's lymphoma storyline was heartrending, right up to when they lost me at that exceedingly silly version of a bone marrow transplant (as they tried to make clear before she went through with it, transplants are harsh.  B&S ramblings )

Legend of the Seeker is, as per usual, my total guilty pleasure - although I'm surprised sometimes at how well it measures up to more 'worthy' stuff.  The cinematography in 'Perdition' last week was kinda fantastic, Hero/House of Flying Daggers inspired (it certainly outdid anything in the unfortunate Clash of the Titans) and this week's epic silliness of 'split!Kahlen' was so much fun I sat there cackling most of the time.. LOTS blather )


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