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Oh. Lordy.

I kinda halved the recipe last time I made these.  But this time, I figured I'd take some into work so probably best to make the whole batch... Dear god. 
It's supposed to make 20ish normal size cupcakes, allegedly.

I just finished packing away... ooh, 24 normal size. Plus 20 minis for work.
And then there's probably another 30 minis left here and there, after all the sampling.

The fridge is packed to bursting with neon red cupcakes, I'm feeling kinda queasy after consuming my own weight in cream cheese frosting, and there's red food dye under my nails that's never budging, by the look of things.  But the mega-baking, it was therapeutic, as always.

On the plus side, as of Friday night I am now a big fan of this Ping Pong Lychee & Rose martini-thang. Damn good stuff.  (except with the gin, and the whole numb face thing, lol)

Last night there was mostly more Guinness, and the rest of Being Human.  And I'm kinda revising my initial horrified reaction after watching the remade pilot.
I watched half of ep 2 and all of episode three last week.  And I loved episode three, at which point it kinda did a heartbreaking little Sixth Sense riff and kicked off into something else altogether. 

ack. must sleep now.
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Not that I've wasted the entire weekend (I really haven't) but I still seem to be sitting here surrounded by stuff with no place to put it away... gah.
Not wasted, though, in that the holiday is paid for, now, and ironing done, and this week's baked good are oatmeal shortbread from Bake! (said book is usually to be found acting as my laptop stand rather than, y'know, providing actual recipes.).  Cookies smell sooo freakin' good though I've had to come upstairs to avoid eating them all instead of dinner while they're still cooling down...!

Maybe more cupcakes next week... last week's candied orange and lemon were pretty successful, and after my little shopping spree in Waterstones, I now get to raid a mysteriously author-less Indulgence Cupcakes: A Fine Selection of Sweet Treats  and Kate Shirazi's Cupcake Magic... Which is kinda cute, being listed in order of 'faff' and benefitting the Battery Hen Welfare Trust. 

The first book is half about the (very pretty) set dressing but the recipes are damn good too.. think i'm going to have to try the hot cross bun cupcakes next week, yom!

Heh... totally forgot to post it before, but The Young Victoria? Absolutely adorable. Gorgeous stuff about extraordinary people, and while it's easy to see they had to jazz it up a bit, they didn't exactly betray the story.  And odd to see such a sweet romance in the context - I caught a Timewatch last year about the whole family history/Kensington method era, and it kinda stuck in my head.  Seeing it dramatised so beautifully - and Rupert Friend was honestly such a perfect choice for Albert - fabulous stuff.  The delicate dances around everybody trying to control them, and his constant little quirky waltz practice to try to win Victoria over.. loved it.  And putting it in context - they were married for 20 years, and she spent 40 years after that mourning him.  Extreme, and extraordinary.

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Tonight there are chocolate/Guiness cupcakes, and the rest of the Guiness, and Sarah Connor (but not Lost yet. Ack.)
Sarah Connor squeeeee )
Gah. Want to watch Lost already now! Obviously I cheated by reading recaps today instead of doing actual work.
slightly pre-emptive Lost 5x08 rambling )

Other stuff... I finally saw Dark Knight in Imax.  Considering I'd never been to the Imax before the Watchmen screening last week... woah.  The actual true Imax scenes were phenomenal.  I kept tracking the edge of the screen as it switched to Imax, and then the camera kinda plunged down into the cityscape.. Damn good stuff.  They should do this more often.


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