Nov. 24th, 2008 08:49 am
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Sooo... I'm sitting in a Brunei airport at the mo, watching a south american telenovela (in Spanish with Malay subtitles) while HBO plays downstairs in English with Malay subtitles, drinking tea from a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (the last time I went to a branch of this, I could swear it was in LA) and trying to work out what in hell possessed me to get on 8 planes in 2 weeks... And this time yesterday, I was still in Sydney airport on the way back to Perth.

Plus, it's 30 degrees here with  no AC (but a rather nice fan) and a tad muggy outside.  Brunei seems a little confusing, from the fact that we were just watching Ovide Video (childhood saturday morning cartoon flashbacks!) in English with no subtitles... but then, everyone speaks perfect English here anyway, which is nice.

I take back everything I every bitched about having to fly Royal Brunei...  man, they make BA look pretty bad.  Big seats, VOD, gorgous, friendly, polite staff with beautiful uniforms, and cute little touches like cold towels on take off... Loving them.  Of course. we have two more flights still to go today for them to screw up, but that's 4 out of 4 they've managed so far...

Well, hell, my poor battery is hovering slightly low now, and I have 3 different time zones to take into account  - Perth, where my parents still are; Brunei is an hour behind; and home is 8 hours behind again... brain hurts! Plus, I only just took my watch off Sydney time, which is 2 hours ahead of Perth....
But basically our flight doesn't take off til 8pm-ish.  And that's another... 3 hours? I think.
And I have one of those nice chesty coughs that makes everyone on the plane shuffle a little bit further away everytime I exhale... (but that beats the crippling sore throat I had for 4 days before that.  Plus the fact that Aus is apparently one of those crystal meth places like the states where you can't buy decongestants or cold tablets without a long conversation with a nice pharmacist and them taking your driving licence number down...!)

Right, now i just have to shuffle to one of those tables nearer the plug, and try salvaging my battery at some point....
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The divine Stephen Fry is currently on tv at the mo wandering around a truckers' store somewhere on the I80, and I'm more than a tad jealous.  Not for the I80 exactly, but the next road trip has been pushed back to summer 2010 at last count and I'm missing planning it already...  Wyoming would have been very cool next year, and now I don't even get to harbour that crazy plan to somehow fit ComicCon in there somewhere (hey, it was the same continent, in July!).

Instead there's a plot afoot to cruise the Nile en masse, which proved nigh on impossible to pass up at that point, and I'm trying (and failing, mostly) to work up anything near the anticipation for Australia, er, next week.  Yup, even booking the Sydney Hilton for a couple of nights (my last ditch plan to generate even a tiny bit of buzz) isn't working so well today. Hell, the whole mini Sydney trip was designed for that sole purpose, but it's just all falling a bit flat this week.

I've just never even slightly had Aus in my sights as a destination, and certainly not under these circumstances.  While I've spent the past few months confusing people horribly by announcing the trip with an appropriately  morose expression, I'm getting a tad fed up with being told "you'll enjoy it once you get there." Heh.

Dammit, I travel a lot - there's a reason my savings are pretty damn low, why I still live at home, and why I'm more than happy to work temping rather than permanently: there's rather a lot of the world I'd like to see, and I'd like to go when it suits me.  There's not much point sacrificing other stuff for travel if you're not going somewhere you want to go.. and it's sticking in my craw that I'm making such a long journey for a very short stay at the back of beyond, at a fairly substancial hit on my savings.  When it reaches the point where I'm taking unpaid leave from my new pemanent job so as not to end up owing annual leave days if I leave within six months, it's not really worth it.  But, then, I  already knew that... The family card, as per usual, trumps everything else, so my nervous breakdown will have to wait.

Heh.  It's pretty cool and grey in Perth this week, and hot and rainy in Sydney.  Fingers crossed that the Hilton is all kinds of fabulousness and I  do infact manage to get off the plane with my sanity intact...!
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... squeeing over this week's ep of Dr Who, and the Lost finale.  DW finally kicked into gear (it was the Moffatt. Of course it was. Only, Alex Kingston this year instead of Carey Mulligan... and with the potential to go all Time Traveller's Wife. I think.  Hard to tell.).

And Lost! Which finally made me cry, four years after I first sat and watched the pilot at ComiCon... Fabulous, and audacious, and omg the thing that made me cry was Desmond, rather than all the trauma.  And man, there was a lot of trauma...

oh dear god, some nutter just called the talk show late night radio under the name 'jeremy benthem' and started spouting lost dialogue.  that was weird...

Woah, I am going to have so many evenings free now the stunted little tv season has finally finished... luckily there is more knitting to be done (I was a little bit overambitious with my new pet project, but we'll get there! Note to self, do not try counting stitches while watching Casino Royale.  It Will Not End Well.).  

And my holidays are over for the year, already... the cruise was rather fabulous, and I did all the ice skating, and rock climbing, and laughing raucously at all the blokes who thought they could do the surf simulator with baggy trunks on.  Dude, the wetsuits are there for a reason, and the reason is to keep your butt covered up! I And I only felt sick once! and I can't even look at how much I spent on board.  

Of course, it took me a good couple of weeks to get over the crippling self-doubt brought on by sharing a dinner table every night with two of my oldest friends and four complete strangers.  Having to justify every single frickin' aspect of my life under a barrage of questions wasn't so much fun, but hey, there you go, that's my own personal trauma.

Much more fun was Lake Garda, even if we did brave the teutonic tourist hordes all the way.  There were gorgeous mountains, hypnotically lovely lake,  much tea drunk, and lots of apple streudle consumed, and the world was good.  I got to Bond geek several times (ooh, look, there's the last of the crew trucks blocking the road after the re-shoots! etc, etc, etc).  No sign of Mr Craig et al, sadly, but we did take a trip up the mountain roads they filmed the opening credit car chase on... twisty! And the village at the top where they'd been shooting had a massive Bond banner up across the road, it was highly amusing... (yep, the geography didn't quite work out in reality, cos last time I looked, the dude at the end of CR gets shot on Como, and they were shooting right next to Garda, go figure) 

The worst case of Bond geekery turned out to be my weird conviction that I absolutely had to wear my sailor-stylee stripy top when we visited Venice.  Took me right up until the night before to finally cotton on that, yes, I have seen that bit in CR a few too many times, as I'm now copying Vesper's wardrobe... 

Also, wear stripy tops in Venice, and the gondoliers tend to think you're copying them.  Which is strange and slightly unnerving..

Despite all the hype and the tourist crap, Venice was just breathtakingly gorgeous... Even though I started off thinking the gondolas were overhyped tourist crap personified, it took about a minute of drifting down the canals in the gloom watching the waterline before I was converted.  The contrast between the city being rotted from the inside out, and those perfect distant vistas... wow.  There were crabs living on the house walls just below the waterline, and half the city being gutted and rebuilt.  The hype's true, but not in the way it thinks it is.

And now i have to go sleep, having done no more knitting tonight...

Except, gah, I think I have to rant slightly about the stupid, stupid binge drinking riot some idiots organised on the Tube last week.  So we finally get a new Mayor, he bans drinking alcohol on the Tube (this is a Good Thing) and some prats decide to hit facebook and have one last drinking party on the Circle Line before the ban kicks in.

Except, being London, it turns into a free-for-all, people end up arrested, and half the network was a no-go area for the entire night.  What really got my goat was the fact that people were even smoking down there (too young to remember the King's Cross fire, perhaps, cos I sure as hell remember it pretty vividly).  

People are stupid.  It's official.  Especially in this godawful city...


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