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Tis started to get a tad worrying that I haven't written a damn thing in, ooh... weeks, now.  Mostly because I've been knitting the Pixie Coat of Doom in every available second since i realised I'd left it a tad late to get started (ETA: 12th September, come hell, high water or anything inbetween: I am going to that 1st birthday party con present..!). Present currently consists of a back piece, 2 front panels (minus moss stitch edging) and half of one sleeve. Eeeeep!


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Oh. Hell. Yes.

It's that Movie-Con time of the year (San Diego?! Who needs San Diego! Well, ok, i do next year, but that's beside the point.) and I think I've stopped hyperventilating by now.  Possibly.

Well, hell, it's not every day that a girl gets to sit about 20 feet away from RDJ, after all.

Nope, still hyperventilating.  Let's just say Guy Ritchie wasn't exactly the main surprise guest this year :o)

*sigh*  I was holding out a bit of a forlorn hope for him turning up anyhoo, having spied he was in town this week (hell, everyone's in town this week, vis a vis Jack Black spied hopping on the 365 bus to Streatham recently...) but didn't really actually expect it when they announced the "really interesting people" just before the Holmes extended trailer (which is fabulous. And the RDJ version of the poster is now prettily adorning my desktop.. It's the Iron Man obsession all over again).

And he looked adorable, and I was sitting there clutching a cuppa, so I couldn't even clap (to be fair, I could barely breathe, thanks to the complete state of shock I was in.)

Well, that's mostly my fangirl squeeeing over with... I just watched Iron Man yet again on Sky, so I'm all RDJ'd out now, just until they show up with the Iron Man 2 footage tomorrow, honest.

The surprise screening turned out to be District 9, which made a lot of people there very happy apparently.. Heh, still not sure if i'm one of them.  I did enjoy a lot of it, but some of it was a little too.. realistic, for a flick involving giant prawn-headed aliens.  Like, Hotel Rwanda, realistic.  I had some serious empathy issues with the main protag at several points, and the 'human' names for the aliens was a little off-putting.  It was an interesting experiment, with faux-documentary styling and the Jo'burg setting (and the Afrikaans accents were, on occasion, veering toward Geordie when the cussing kicked in, and thus hilarious.  I mean, it's hard not to hear dozens of African accents a day where I work, so it's hardly novelty value, but I guess I rarely hear people at work swear quite so creatively, maybe...).

Now, Kick Ass, we loved. Everybody loved it.  And Jase Flemyng turned up (he cameos as Bob the Doorman!), along with Chris Mintz-Plasse, and much amusement was had.  The film is like Wanted (it's Mark Millar again I think?) crossed with Kill Bill part one, and gawd knows what else.  It was hysterical, and beautifully shot, and grand stuff all round, really...

And lordy is that the time...! need to sleep, methinks, as it's all starting again tomorrow...



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