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Really not doing my Farscape re-watch justice today.. just hit the last ep of season one now and I'm only really half-watching *sigh*  Getting impatient for the leather-wearing and the major shipping to kick off properly now, although I'd forgotten how much fun Nerve and Hidden Memory are 'Scape rambling )

But hey, I've had a lot more time than I expected this week, due to some random lurgylurgy lurgy lurgy )

Happier things.. I'm still loving Pride & Prejudice & Zombies... zombies rawk! )

Tonight was also supposed to be about making battenburn style cupcakes for dessert birthday party tomorrow... the black food dye didn't turn out so badly, but I have a monstrous pink thing to re-make tomorrow, oh dear..!
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Heh.  I've been running around like a mad thing trying to find A Madness of Angels in various branches of Waterstones for the past week, and failing miserably.  Given that Orbit seem to be actually trying to promote this one, I'm a little confused why it's not, like, being stocked... Given that I then ransacked the Lakeside branch yesterday (where the website assured me there were several copies in stock) and had no luck in the genre section... Kinda tearing my hair out.

Then I finally find it in the 'general fiction' section - seriously? This is published by Orbit, their big title out this month (not shipping particularly quickly from Amazon, either), and SFX's book of the month.  And it gets shelved somewhere no-one will be looking for it.  No displays, in the wrong category (if you're going to compare something to Neverwhere, at least make sure it's shelved in the vicinity).

If I were Kate Griffin, I would be seriously pissed about the sales I'm missing right now, at the biggest book shop chain in the country.  We genre-bunnies don't tend to ransack the Gen Fic shelves for the latest Orbit titles, as we're kinda expecting it to be on the SFF shelf.

But hey.  While I was ransacking the horror section, I did happen to see import copies of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  Dude.

What's not to love about a literal mash-up of actual chunks of P&P interspersed with rocking undead action?! A zombie plague has been raging in England for the last 50 years, so all the Bennet sisters are Shaolin trained kung-fu masters expert in despatching the undead with lady-like daggers, and Lizzie is literally about to behead Darcy the first time she hears him insult her at the ball.  When Mrs Bennet started quoting the Day of the Dead schtick about hell being full up, I was kinda cackling.  I do keep waiting for the joke to wear thin, but mostly having an absolute blast in the meantime...

It does kinda occur to me that I know a lot of people that love Austen, and a lot of people that like zombies, but not a whole lotta folk who would find the two combined as ridiculously entertaining as I do.  Go figure.

But, genius stuff.

Also: I found a copy of the Hummingbird Bakery book, after several weeks of hunting, so there were Easter sugar cookies in vast, vast quantities today. Plus pizza, and Guinness. Bit sick now...


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