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Not that I get out much these days--and I left work at Job #2 at 7.45 yesterday, which was just wrong--but I made sure to catch Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes at the BFI tonight.  It's one of my favourite films anyway, but getting the chance to watch something like that in a packed cinema just extraordinarily rocks.

There's something about hearing a hundred other people crack up at all the English cricket one-liners that brings the whole thing to life again; sometimes you forget how much the atmosphere in a screen has to do with how you watch a film, and this was a classic example.  There was applause! (We're English! We don't applaud in the cinema!) And everyone walked out grinning, on a giggly high.

Which is pretty good going for a film that winds up with a shootout and several deaths.  Being English, we also found most of them kinda amusing too... It's the way Hitch shoots 'em.  Underneath it all, there's an adorable romcom ticking away alongside concussion, Eastern European folkdances and accusations of madness, not to mention lots of cricket talk and general amusing Englishness.  And Michael Redgrave... *sigh* 

And whoever was responsible for the soulless 70s remake abomination really does deserve to be shot.  Or at least forced to change the title.  They made the leads American. Why, oh why, oh why...?!


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