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Because, honestly, announcing that the Ponds are exiting next year isn't exactly news news as such - they've suffered enough, surely, and had practically left to some extent before TWORS so Eleven did just spend 200 years without them - it's just announcing that it's going to be 'heartbreaking' that's kind of... uncalled for. 

It's not like any of the companions of NewWho have left to wander off to a nice cosy life sans Doctor (does Martha count? I had given up watching in disgust at the end of season 3 so still not entirely sure, but it got wrapped up quite nicely later by the end of season 4, no?) but I don't really want it confirmed at this point that Amy and/or Rory are going to be killed off AGAIN.  Seriously, you've destroyed Amy's life several times over, locked her in a giant box for 2 millenia, killed her husband off multiple times after making him hang around keeping guard for the aforementioned 2000 years, kidnapped her, replaced her with a doppelganger that promptly got melted, had her child kidnapped (and never really returned as such), made an alternate version of her spend 30 years alone on a creepy planet getting all bitter and twisted, and then made them have to choose who got saved (and then get promptly cheated out of the choice).  And I'm sure I've missed stuff off that list.  Really, Moffatt, what more can you do to the poor Ponds??!!

Oh god.  I shouldn't have even asked that, should I... 
(I'm just hanging onto the forlorn hope that it doesn't mean anything more horrible happens to River, as that's quite heartrending enough after watching the DVD extra scenes...)

On the plus side, likely more River so yay! Although it would be hard getting rid of the Ponds permanently without involving her in some way, surely?

(There was much squeeing from 2 of us in my office this week, as The Only Other Who Fan Around Here had Alex Kingston walk right past him at Waterloo Station a couple of days ago ("It was the hair! The hair!!"), and has been going on about not having stopped her to take a pic ever since...)

There was much silent squeeing at the BFI last week, as the inevitable happened while I was standing waiting in the corridor before the screening and Steven Moffatt walked right past me.  Well, obviously he was going to be there, and it's not totally unheard of for guests to wander about the halls there, but still.  There was a terribly pathetic attempt at staying cool at first, which inevitably descended into hysterical giggling out of sight behind a convenient pillar and much 'omgdidyoujustseethat'.  Oh what the hell, if you can't descend into hysterical fangirling at a Sherlock preview surrounded by most of the cast and crew, than I don't know when you can (Oh, alright, SDCC probably. And maybe BigScreen.).

After we, along with a couple of other people, managed to sit in the wrong row (hey, the row markings in NFT1 are hideously confusing, no matter how many bloody times I've been there!) and had to scramble back over the seats in a terribly ungainly fashion just before the show kicked off, we then had the insane excitement of Benedict Cumberbatch very nearly sitting in our bit of the row... alright, so the VIPs were sitting in the middle section of row G, well away from the irritating giggly fans (ie, us), and someone mistakenly directed poor Mr C to our end section instead. He nearly sat down, and then got rescued, so not really much of an occurance at all, except it was so very, very difficult to keep a straight face when there's been about 6 weeks of total hype for the damn preview and there was a pleasant amount of infectious buzz in the air.  Oh well, at least I wasn't the only one who ended up slunk down in her seat trying to cackle out of sight of all the VIPs sat across the aisle as he departed...

It's actually hideously difficult trying to write anything about 'A Scandal In Belgravia' at all, bearing in mind that you really really really can't be the idiot that spoils everything.   It was fabulous, of course, but then I've always loved the original story best out of the entirety of Holmes and in my current state of River fangirling, I was intrigued to see what Moffatt did with Irene Adler...  As it is, I really want to write a whole meta thing about who inspired what and how it all feeds back into each other, and obviously it's all off limits at the moment.  I will say the characters hit a lot of the same beats if you're looking for it, and that made me very happy.  Sherlock is the show that gets to have the darker, more adult tone (yay!) so hell, yes, it goes darker places with less overt sentiment, perhaps.  It was insanely funny, wonderfully twisted and, arch as she is, this Irene could break your heart.  Lots of things about this ep could, but that was what surprised me most.
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Seeing as how the season 6 boxset won't be arriving for another couple weeks, and Sky now have season 1 on the Anytime menu, I had a yen to rewatch the first couple of eps for once... 
I probably wasn't concentrating so much when I watched Rose the other day, but it was still as cute and quirky as I remembered from way back when (ended up watching it in a hostel in Norfolk at Easter the first time around, on a very fuzzy tv, and it was such a nice surprise at how awesome it was.)

Tonight was The End of the World (and, let's be honest, new Who destroys the world at least once a series as a rule.. they eventually had to upgrade to destroying the universe a couple of times now, just to up the ante a bit, let's face it).  And I'd forgotten quite how impressive it was, especially considering how early on it is, with hardly any of the later canon established.  There are some lovely one-liners, Zoe Wanamaker shamelessly stealing the show as the voice of a CGI strip of skin - and bizarrely, Tainted Love and Britney's Toxic making an appearance on a jukebox (hey, Toxic as a soundtrack improves almost anything, it's true..).  Also the trees! 

Read more... )

And.. now I have much-sought-after tickets for the Sherlock preview next month, which started off as a whole 'will Moffatt show up?!' (we only got Mark Gatiss at Big Screen, after all) and then descended into a OMG THE BFI ARE EVIL from lots of other people who didn't get tickets after the date was changed by the BBC.  I can totally see how you could miss out on the tickets, after all that - they took the online booking offline just as it was about to open, the phone lines immediately got blocked with frantic phone calls (I know, as I was hitting redial constantly for 35 minutes and couldn't even get through to the queue), and in the end I decided it was quiet at work and I was 2 tube stops away from the box office so trotted off down there.  Looks like I made the reservation list just in time, 35 mins after it theoretically opened - and I got through to the phone queue just as I walked into the box office, lol! 


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