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Y'know, I'm sure there's a reason, somewhere deep down, why I'm still watching the banal parsimonious fluff that is Terra Nova.  I just... can't for the life of me think what it is.

And I'm totally getting why Kelly Marcel took the money for a co-creator credit and ran as fast as she could.  It's shockingly brainless, trite and for a SF show, a tragically amateur approach to the actual laws of science.  I've seen the vast majority of the cast in other, better, shows, and frankly I just spend most of the episodes embarrassed for them.  The rest of the time I just want the dinosaurs to eat them.

Most irritatingly of all is the fact that it makes life in what is basically a frontier colony so insanely cosy. The fishing scene in tonight's ep had me fastforwarding, and the scene at the end with the apple orchard just defied all known tenets of biology last time I looked (beetles eat mould off apples, and the previously mouldy apples are miraculously perfect again afterwards?).  Last week we had a full three minutes of Jason O'Mara singing a stupid song about spiders. It's not cute or funny, it's just absurd.  I think I keep watching for some lingering loyalty that the previously fabulous Shelley Conn got the lead in a major network show, but also that it shows so little sign of life that I keep expecting it to be cancelled any day now and I may as well see how it ends.  Hmmm.. may have to rethink that plan.


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