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Yay!  the 2011 London Film Festival kicked off again this week, and this year was the point I finally cracked and snapped up the BFI membership the month before booking opened.  Yeah, it's £40 but theoretically I can offset this against the BFI ticket discount if I go once a month (or something. It sounded plausible!).  But most importantly, I got in for the first week of ticket booking...!

To be honest, I was somewhere in Florida minus internet (ok, I was at Wet'n'Wild in Orlando...) when booking actually opened, but I managed it a day later when the sleep deprivation started to ease off a bit and I could actually work out the hideously complicated arrangements that ensue when I try to fit in a dozen films and actual work (plus family bdays!) into 3 weeks.  Oh, obviously I'd spent a couple weeks beforehand plotting my theoretical schedule, but that doesn't even nearly take account of stuff selling out practically instantly.  Or, indeed, the fact that I wasn't at work and needed to get an okay to take time off for the daytime showings...

The final list settled at this 9 - which is still minus a couple of things I would love to see, and have had to admit defeat on for the moment.  Also, next Sunday night is still up for grabs between a bday and queuing for standbyes for Mitsuko Delivers (which lost out to The Awakening in the daytime slot battle.  What can I say, the latter had Rebecca Hall and Dom West being spooky!):

Today:  50/50more later...

Monday: Where Do We Go Now?

Tuesday:   Tales of the Night

Weds:  Let The Bullets Fly
             Miss Bala

Thurs:  Nobody Else But You

Mon:  Martha Marcy May Marlene

Weds:  The Awakening

2 American, 3 French, 1 Lebanese, 1 Chinese, 1 Mexican and 1 Brit (and not sure about HERE...)
I dashed out of work in a mad rush to make the lunchtime screening of 50/50 in what I thought was plenty of time, only to discover a queue stretching halfway down Leicester Square to collect tickets, and much panicking... In the end they herded all the folk for that showing to the box office first with a minute to spare (it started late anyhoo) and we weren't allowed to collect the rest of our festival tickets (which I still don't have, dammit!).  Teeny bit more stressful than i anticipated, but hey, I'm still in shock that a Seth Rogen film made me cry...!

The best way I could think to describe it was in the vein of Up In the Air, but with cancer instead of redundancy being the Big Awkward Subject.  Also, Anna Kendrick :o)

Mostly it's about how the hell do you get through being diagnosed with a spinal schwannoma when everyone around you (who are supposed to be propping you up) are mostly falling to pieces themselves.... Gawd, I do dearly hope that Will Reiser didn't actually have to go through half the stuff he puts Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character through, because that was harsh. Not picking someone up after chemo is just... how do you even do that? 

But it was also funny and sweet and ridiculous and absolutely freaking heart rending (finding the annotated book in Kyle's bathroom, and the car breakdown... gah.  Sobbing.).  Also his pre-op panic with his mum... eep, I'm welling up again bloody writing it. The phone call to Katie was adorable.

The cancer stuff did feel a teensy bit like I was still at work (and hello, eyebrows?) but the pot did make for the most entertaining chemo scene since, well, Samantha in SATC.  

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