Oct. 15th, 2011

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Yay!  the 2011 London Film Festival kicked off again this week, and this year was the point I finally cracked and snapped up the BFI membership the month before booking opened.  Yeah, it's £40 but theoretically I can offset this against the BFI ticket discount if I go once a month (or something. It sounded plausible!).  But most importantly, I got in for the first week of ticket booking...!

To be honest, I was somewhere in Florida minus internet (ok, I was at Wet'n'Wild in Orlando...) when booking actually opened, but I managed it a day later when the sleep deprivation started to ease off a bit and I could actually work out the hideously complicated arrangements that ensue when I try to fit in a dozen films and actual work (plus family bdays!) into 3 weeks.  Oh, obviously I'd spent a couple weeks beforehand plotting my theoretical schedule, but that doesn't even nearly take account of stuff selling out practically instantly.  Or, indeed, the fact that I wasn't at work and needed to get an okay to take time off for the daytime showings...

The final list settled at this 9 - which is still minus a couple of things I would love to see, and have had to admit defeat on for the moment.  Also, next Sunday night is still up for grabs between a bday and queuing for standbyes for Mitsuko Delivers (which lost out to The Awakening in the daytime slot battle.  What can I say, the latter had Rebecca Hall and Dom West being spooky!):

Today:  50/50more later...

Monday: Where Do We Go Now?

Tuesday:   Tales of the Night

Weds:  Let The Bullets Fly
             Miss Bala

Thurs:  Nobody Else But You

Mon:  Martha Marcy May Marlene

Weds:  The Awakening

2 American, 3 French, 1 Lebanese, 1 Chinese, 1 Mexican and 1 Brit (and not sure about HERE...)
I dashed out of work in a mad rush to make the lunchtime screening of 50/50 in what I thought was plenty of time, only to discover a queue stretching halfway down Leicester Square to collect tickets, and much panicking... In the end they herded all the folk for that showing to the box office first with a minute to spare (it started late anyhoo) and we weren't allowed to collect the rest of our festival tickets (which I still don't have, dammit!).  Teeny bit more stressful than i anticipated, but hey, I'm still in shock that a Seth Rogen film made me cry...!

The best way I could think to describe it was in the vein of Up In the Air, but with cancer instead of redundancy being the Big Awkward Subject.  Also, Anna Kendrick :o)

slightly spoilery for 50/50 )


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