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kinda starting to learn my lesson... the laptop has to stay off on weeknights if i want to get to bed anytime before 1am.  It was a little bit ridiculously obvious when i was getting three hours less sleep (and digressing, but wtf Sky One seems to be re-enacting the Austen Powers/sausage/milkjugs scene for a trailer about a nudist show?! Decidedly odd, in context). Also, the Avatar tv adverts kicked off today... only 6 weeks to go?

Aaand, today I've been online for about a million hours. Muscles may well be atrophying, i probably wouldn't even notice, but I have finally managed to watch the first 4 eps of Stargate Universe. 

SGU ramblings )

And, dammit, just noticed The Village is on. 

Village love )

Whew, while I'm staying up late yet again, I may as well post all the stuff I haven't bothered with for the past few weeks... 

Legend of the Seeker spoilery finale ravings... )

Also... Ah, I accidentally ended up booking tickets to the Mayor's Gala showing of Bright Star at the London Film Festival week before last, and have been raving about it to anyone who stands still long enough ever since. But it was brilliant!   

Boris! )Bright Star )



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