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This week is a birthday week, and therefore full of all that stuff that I've been meaning to get around to when I had time/guts/money... 'Tis half done now, maybe. 

Oh, and I have the stinking lurgy cold. Again.  Which sucks.

Sunday I was being brave, and did a one day writing retreat.. were it not for the trek to Islington and the rather steep price of a day of silence with tea and cupcakes, I'd probably do it again.. it was nice and productive, for me.  I managed a hack'n'slash on one piece that I'd been intending for a while, and slogged through to nearly 5k words on the Victoriana wannabe.  And then I had to stop to have a slight panic attack about writing meaningless crap just because I had time to write something... and then I did a nice rambly LKH review to amuse myself.  I could have hit the whole 5k words, but it was getting dark and I was freaking out a little about walking back to Angel tube station in the dark by myself con laptop, so I ducked out slightly early after a lot of other folk had left already.

But 5k words.  For me, that's pretty damn significant.

Sunday night the lurgy hit full force, which stands to reason as everyone else in the house (and everyone I know) now has it too.  I've never seen a virus do the rounds quite so comprehensively or so quickly (although grateful it wasn't a repeat of the Australia virus.  That was a nasty bugger.). 

I kinda crashed by 10pm, which mean that I only managed 2 hours of the Oscars after setting my alarm for 1am and hoping for the best.  Ack.  Not sure it was worth the slog, to be honest.. I crashed again by 3am and the Heath Ledger win, when i realised I really didn't give a damn about who won the rest, go figure... 

Dear Oscar people - please don't let Baz Luhrman near anything important in future, especially big musical numbers in your live show.  Did you not watch Australia?!   love, me.

But hey, last night (after I staggered into work for an hour or so) was Wicked. Again. Only the... 5th time I've seen it, I think, but that's over... three years now?  hey, it's an annual kinda thing now. And, also, still fun.

much obsessive Wicked rambling )
Phew.  Today was.. Pancake day! And much snuffling, and arguing with stupid IT department at work until I got to go home early.  Obviously my once yearly hairdressers appointment was much more pleasant stuff, so I'm now minus 10 inches of hair and sporting a 60s-ish blow dry that will in no way last til tomorrow morning.  Weekend I break out the red hair dye again (after an absence of several years) and hopefully a year older and looking slightly unrecognisable by this time next week. 

Had a bit of an odd moment when the stylist remarked that it was unusual to see 'untouched' hair these days and I realised it had been.. gawd, three years since I last coloured it.  And at least six years since i last dyed it red..  Weird because i still think of myself as someone who wears blue nail varnish and dyes their hair.  And yet i kinda quit all that a really long time ago without really meaning to.

Go figure.  Tomorrow I have to snuffle through a whole day at work by myself, then make my own birthday cupcakes, cos no one else is gonna do it for me. Gah. 
And Thursday is the magical mystery press screening of Watchmen (those tickets were just... fluke.  Seriously.  I like the nice people at Imax.)

Must... sleep....


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