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... Or, indeed, why we don't get the super secret extra post-credits scene where they all go eat schawarma, but yay, Avengers!!!

It's not like I haven't been trying to see this since it came out a whole fortnight ago, but as I had to leave for Kenya that afternoon (and I drew the line at watching it at Mombasa's only multiplex, as interesting as that would have been).  So there was a whole safari thing before I actually got to watch all my favourite people be directed by Joss Whedon.  It's not like I hadn't been waiting a couple years for it or anything (studiously ignoring the fact this was one of the Hall H announcements we completely missed at CC2010 due to the insane queues. Ahem.)

But hell yes, it's a lot of fun. 

I wasn't overly taken with the masses of set-up before Our Guys turned up (although, really, I would have been happy with a good twenty mins of Tony and Pepper being adorable in their big glass tower to make up for, er, quite a lot of Iron Man 2, but I'm sad like that.  In my head, Iron Man 3 will basically be what we did get of them, mashed up with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Basically it will be Awesome. 
But Tony! Being snarky and adorable! I missed that connection with the other guys, much as I appreciate they had to stop somewhere before Natalie Portman popped up in person again and Thor got even more distracted..! Guess we're saving that for Thor 2, right, guys?!

Plot wise it did wander a bit, and lacked a through-line like nobody's business - there were probably another half hour of cuts that would have whipped it through a bit quicker, but seriously, the moment most of the main cast were onscreen were pure genius.

 The bit that stole the whole show - to the point where I spent the next few minutes stuffing my fist in my mouth to stop the hysterics - was Hulk's bam-bam with Loki.  It was absolute perfection - the timing; the expressions; the sheer insanity, and Loki lying there mewling like a kitten after Hulk was finished.  It wouldn't have been funny if it had actually finished him off was the interesting thing, but as a means of hilariously damaging a demigod, it was seriously entertaining. (see also: Hulk casually punching Thor sideways for no reason at all. This Hulk has a character dammit.(


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