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I'm going to be restrained and only say this once, but this series of Who is shaping up to be a massive continuity fail due to the distinct lack of my favourite character.  I'm not saying River should be in every episode (we were so spoiled last year..!), but this week's ep had stetsons, and prison, and making amends for your past crimes, and what constitutes punishment and forgiveness, and even a freaking conversation about how Amy is a mother.  And not one mention of the one character who has connected all those things previously

(I mean, please, just a mention of how someone would be pleased he got the stupid hat shot up again!).  I thought it was weird they weren't even mentioning her name in the first episode when they had a whole conversation about not having children - and she would have kicked everybody's arse in last week's little dinosaur fiasco, not to mention cheerleading the Doctor's current slightly-more-murderous choices.  Did I miss her being retconned out of existence during the season finale somewhere? Knowing Moffatt, it's all part of an evil plan that no other writer is allowed to so much as mention her name, but it feels lacking now we know who she is. Last time we checked she was dropping in for girly chats with Amy? That 200 year gap is really messing with my head...!

Oh I know she's back in a couple of weeks' time - but it's also the Pond's last hurrah then too (also: Angels). And with that goes a big part of River's story and.. I get it's not continuity-heavy this year, but frankly, this is starting to feel odd. That doesn't undo the things they discovered last year, which are kind of still relevant to the characters now, no?

Well, they're definitely dropping hints that the Ponds are going to age out of this one rather than meet the usual Companion fates of early death/transdimensional exile/convenient amnesia, so I guess anything's possible?

Also: Oswin.  Who has brought whole new levels of headfuckery into this in a very short space of time, and is a classic Moff creation.  Considering he usually buggers up the Christmas episodes - when she's back, in whatever shape or form... well. We'll see.


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