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So it's been a horrifically long, really quite horrible for the most part, day (there was a serious-to-god, visit the police to make a statement about a Very Bad Thing involved, after the very long day at work, and before that there was a 5am start to watch Lost, because I really couldn't not, and omg, what did they do there?).
And yet weirdly I feel about a billion times better after listening to Idina Menzel and the Glee kids covering Poker Face.  It really doesn't take very much, after all that.

Oh Lost, what did you guys do with my show?? I'll admit to feeling a teeny bit conned, somewhere along the line, by all the shiny stuff, and the moments that had me sitting there, hand over heart, kinda sqeeing several million times... and yet, it kinda slipped sideways for a while there, and when it was done spoilery )´╗┐ I hate to say it, but I'm spying the potential for a tv movie next year, a la BSG doing The Plan (clue: there was no plan).  

Also, Ashes to Ashes rocked back from a frankly crappy final series to do a Lost ending before Lost did, except, probably, they did it better.  spoilery )´╗┐Damn, never thought I'd say it, but I could hack another series of that!
And now I need to sleep.


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