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Although i may well end up resembling one if I don't get some more damn sleep this weekend...!

Everything's all a bit much at the moment - work has become an odd kind of battleground where I'm either ignored wholesale or dumped on completely and I really can't get my head around it.  At some point I have to man up, deal with the New World Order and stop being a whiny bitch just to get by, but I'm not even sure that will achieve anything in the long run. 

Added to the fact that various things conspired to make us delay booking the flights from last Sunday, only to discover that BA ended their sale at midnight Tuesday and, er, everyone else promptly hiked their prices sky-high to match, and... GAH. Have now paid £75 more each and get to panic about codeshares and spending nearly 4 hours on a United Express internal flight that I really haven't heard good things about...! Bad, bad week, all round.

But, hey, we are now officially going :o)  That would be the Comic Con memberships and flights booked, mass overcharging to book San Diego (£37 per person per night FOR A HOSTEL. 6 bed dorm. I'm just saying.)  Anyhoo, just have to book the hideously expensive car hire and we're pretty much done. 

Must. Stop. Whining...

Honestly, I just had to watch nearly an hour of Julia Murney Wicked  clips on Youtube just to cheer myself up, and I haven't done that in ages...
Heh, what else... After a mass Dollhouse marathon I've now seen the whold damn thing,

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