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Feb. 7th, 2008 11:56 pm
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Odd day... I let the Demon Kitten stay in my room last night, instead of being shut in the kitchen as usual, and she decided not to sleep so much as potter around waking me up at odd intervals. I'm starting to think she's some strange kitten/monkey/seagull hybrid from the noises she makes sometimes...!  She behaved pretty well, considering she is Demon Kitten-- didn't leave the room or wake anyone else up-- but  not really at a point where I can afford to lose anymore sleep right now...

Today was the first time in a month the work ran dry a little early, and I got to leave before 6pm... it's been edging closer to 7.30 most nights now, and the world's starting to feel a little fuzzy round the edges.  

Yesterday was the deadline for applying for the permanent parliament job, but followed my gut and didn't even try this time.  Can't say there's much regret there, so we shall see.  Seem to spend a lot of time explaining why I'm not taking the other job either, even if it is being offered on a bloody silver platter.. it all seems like a little too much deja vu again, and I don't have the energy to keep doing all the things I would need to do.  Short term, I can keep this up a while longer, but strangely, I tend to feel differently once the NHS has an actual legal claim on my time.  Also, the pay is still as laughable as it ever was,, methinks, and life too short.

half of today was trying to organise a trip to see Wicked, and mostly failing miserably... as it's supposed to be a birthday thing, it is of course jinxed horribly, and no amount of forward planning will salvage the day.  Hopefully now I get to go see Wicked and Much Ado in a week, which I'm counting as post-bday treats.


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