May. 17th, 2009 10:57 pm
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After a couple of days, maybe I'm not sulking quite so much about the Lost finale anymore... after all, it's all totally reversible at this point. I'm hoping. Gawd only knows.  I've just come out of most of the season finales for that feeling kinda better about it (although, this time last year, we also thought they'd just killed off Jin and Dan, and look how that turned out.)

Now I'm all caught up on that, just about a million other things to finish watching before the season ends... I'm letting ER hang on as long as possible, just to milk all the possible angst out of it.  The Neela/Ray reunion this week was gorgeously understated... we always kinda assumed we'd been told where she was going, and forgotten - I had North Carolina in my head for some reason? - but once I saw Shane West's name in the credits I figured it might be somewhere further south.  Was expecting him to turn up at the airport, initially, but that reveal was the best, just a gentle reminder that he's where he is now for a reason. (Although, also, when she had the Gallant flashback, I'd totally forgotten they were married, and felt awful).

Started catching up on Primeval as well tonight - missed a couple after they killed off Cutter (I like my dramatic deaths well signposted and spoiled so i can get used to it and move on, thank you very much, and that was a frickin' bolt from the blue).  It looks like Jenny leaves in the next ep too (I've seen bits and pieces from the next few but missed lots) so talk about a wholescale cast change for such a little show... they're plucky though, they can get away with it.  Frankly I'm quite happy watching so long as they leave Connor and Abby alone (but then I'm sad like that) as all the characters are basically clever and likeable... (yes, Demons, I'm aiming that at you)  Ok, none of them are Doug Henshall, but I can live with that, lol. Loving their military guy though.

What it does keep trying to do is expand in scale - the conspiracies, the future world (shot with v effective filters), working back through all the mythologies, and they seem to be confident enough to ditch all their ships except for Connor/Abby (although the Cutter/Jenny/Claudia(?Helen) paradox was a doozy that didn't exactly end well, so maybe they need a break now).  It's well written, and entertaining, and filling the Who gap nicely this year.  Robin Hood, I gave up on a loooong time ago, thankfully... (About the same time I gave up on Primeval first time around though, so I've learned my lesson about checking back occasionally, just in case).


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