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Because of course I do watch too much TV, and my beloved ancient Sky+ box is getting ridiculously full up again, I seem to spend most weekends at the moment in a frenetic catch-up... The trouble is, however many shows I watch get cancelled every year, I can still find a couple dozen things to keep track of, and the damn things all get transmitted at the same time.. it's a tough life.  I do of course have a few hundred far more serious things to stress about, but it's strangely comforting to rather worry about not watching everything instead.  Makes more sense to my narrative-addicted brain, somehow...

Hmmm.. in the interest of trying to keep track of everything:

House is ticking over nicely, but it is just ticking over.  They've kinda run out of steam with all the shippy plots (I'm really supposed to be interested in freakin' Taub? Seriously?) but it's perfectly pleasant watching everthing pootle along.  The Cuddy episode was really quite lovely, though.. the lady herself was very cool, and it was the first time you get a real sense of what actual (fictional) medical administration is really like (and why I don't want to get any  more involved in said administration than I already am, lol). It's buzzy and exceedingly stressful and I'm always entertained by how many medical doctors are willing to trade off their clinical time to become managers.. but that's another story.

Also today was the 99th and 100th eps of Bones... lordy, five years already.  And 100 was a kinda-classic slightly spoilery )I like it.  I've always had a soft spot for this show, right from the post-modern freakery of very loosely basing it on an author's life, rather than the books (except they then stole the name from the books, and made the author character write books about the real-life author.. and then my brain started hurting).  It settles for being silly sometimes, but it's well-written and acted (I loved so much of Booth's dialogue in the 100th ep) and the characters are fun. Ticks all my boxes, anyhoo..

Brothers & Sisters I veer between adoring and vaguely liking..  Kitty's lymphoma storyline was heartrending, right up to when they lost me at that exceedingly silly version of a bone marrow transplant (as they tried to make clear before she went through with it, transplants are harsh.  B&S ramblings )

Legend of the Seeker is, as per usual, my total guilty pleasure - although I'm surprised sometimes at how well it measures up to more 'worthy' stuff.  The cinematography in 'Perdition' last week was kinda fantastic, Hero/House of Flying Daggers inspired (it certainly outdid anything in the unfortunate Clash of the Titans) and this week's epic silliness of 'split!Kahlen' was so much fun I sat there cackling most of the time.. LOTS blather )

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Obviously it is Saturday  night and I'm home alone, thank the lord.  Just me, the Doodle Dog and a cacophany of constant bloody explosions to keep me entertained.  Apparently I'm kinda over Fireworks Night at this point, who knew...

it used to be different when we were kids... like, sparklers! and fire of some description! And I still love fireworks, but standing in a cold muddy field to watch an organised display doesn't appeal these days, also, now the pets are kinda more of a priority.  Doodle's not well, poor sausage - what might be mange apparently, added to conjunctivitis.. not a happy itchy dog.

Really, I need to go make soup, or start knitting the Xmas Pressie Blanket of Doom for little sis, or write some more (I've been writing! It's so... novel!), or, y'know, wade through a couple hundred more pages to finish Wizard's First Rule while I'm still on a LOTS kick (I like the book so far, just thinking 700-odd pages is excessive, and the thought of that many similarly sized sequels is making me think i'm gona give it a rest before looking for the next one...)

Ack. At the moment, Strictly this year is kinda blah... I can barely remember who the contestants are, let alone care who wins (although I do have a sneaky soft spot for Laila Rouass, if only for Primeval (also, yay, reprieve!! we get the cliffhanger resolved!)) and I keep getting forced to watch XFactor. Kill me now.  Strictly  was sooo different last year that this is decidedly dull now.

although, flicking past XFactor just now, and the major, major kerfuffle over Simon Cowell making one of his contestants do a 'movies' song from an obscure 90s indie flick.(er, Gummo).. the amusement value of hearing a Harmony Korine flick being namechecked about a billion times by Louis Walsh repeatedly saying he'd never heard of it... kinda priceless.  The song itself obviously not obscure, being Roy Orbison's Crying... and I have to say, around here it's probably more likely to be remembered for the cringy version in Only Fools and Horses ("Cwying, cwying, over yooooo")

Heh. Must go do stuff at this point, fearing for my brain now I'm actually watching Simon Cowell voluntarily... eep!


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kinda starting to learn my lesson... the laptop has to stay off on weeknights if i want to get to bed anytime before 1am.  It was a little bit ridiculously obvious when i was getting three hours less sleep (and digressing, but wtf Sky One seems to be re-enacting the Austen Powers/sausage/milkjugs scene for a trailer about a nudist show?! Decidedly odd, in context). Also, the Avatar tv adverts kicked off today... only 6 weeks to go?

Aaand, today I've been online for about a million hours. Muscles may well be atrophying, i probably wouldn't even notice, but I have finally managed to watch the first 4 eps of Stargate Universe. 

SGU ramblings )

And, dammit, just noticed The Village is on. 

Village love )

Whew, while I'm staying up late yet again, I may as well post all the stuff I haven't bothered with for the past few weeks... 

Legend of the Seeker spoilery finale ravings... )

Also... Ah, I accidentally ended up booking tickets to the Mayor's Gala showing of Bright Star at the London Film Festival week before last, and have been raving about it to anyone who stands still long enough ever since. But it was brilliant!   

Boris! )Bright Star )


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The idea of taking time off work is starting to freak me out just a tad at this point... taking two days this week has meant working more than a day's worth of overtime over the rest of the week.  And it's not even like it's worth taking the time back in lieu, as i'm not exactly using up enough annual leave to make it worthwhile... gah.

Rolling home at 9pm every night does odd things to your brain, as it happens... I can barely string a sentence together most evenings  - although I've still managed to keep the knitting up, to a point... turns out moss stitch is not my favourite thing in the world.  After forty-odd rows, my shoulder has seized up completely (I'm starting to remember this used to happen a hell of a lot back when I still did yoga, badly...), so I finally admitted defeat and decided the damn thing wouldn't be ready in time for the party.. ho hum.  300-ish rows to finish the hood was, frankly, never gonna happen in that time frame even without the RSI kicking in.  As happens, my fabulous grandmother happened to ask about the knitting this morning, and promptly offered to lend a hand... she really is impressive, considering she called round to pick it up this morning, and called by 5pm to say half of it was finished already!! Did I mention she was fabulous?!

Being realistic, it's gonna need blocking, badly, so Saturday stil isn't really an option for it being ready... but it  only being a week late is looking realistic now, so I'm not too cut-up about it...!

Heheh.. two days off! There are birthdays tomorrow, and cakes to bake, so I'm not exactly sitting around doing nothing without the knitting.  As is, finally managed to see (500) Days of Summer tonight, which was really very cool.  Zooey Deschanel isn't nearly as unsympathetic as a lot of the reviews were making out (and was oddly channeling her sister at points in Summer.  The concept was refreshingly real, for once.. charming and bittersweet, and decidedly grown-up (whilst still being hopelessly romantic).

Of course, I now seem to have developed a irrational liking for Legend of the Seeker since they started showing double-bills on SciFi... Irrational because it's seriously silly for a great deal of time, with occasional forays into darker stuff now and then... Lordy, it's all so po-faced and serious about the absolute daftness, it kinda cracks me up.

And... kinda shipping it too. Gah. Still not sure why, as the acting is truly all over the place (the accents suffering the Curse of Xena, with a bunch of Kiwis flipping between NZ/faux English/American as and when), but the main cast take it all so seriously. It has improved over the past couple of eps, especially when they stripped down Kahlen's make-up and hair a bit and her acting magically improved... except for the seriously crack!fic episode last week when the leather-clad dominatrixes came out to play, and it was suddenly kinda disturbing... (oh and now Kahlen's just dressed up as one this week, so that's just creepy on a whole 'nother level).

It has a weird identity crisis thing going on (and I've never read the books, but have a fair idea of what they've changed).. the plots are usually frankly bobbins, and the stock fantasy cliches are all present and correct, except then they chuck in random bits of Dark Stuff every so often to make it stick  with the OTT melodrama (at least one person per ep has to keel over spewing blood, by the look of things).  And yet the concepts are kinda interesting, sometimes, the action is surprisingly well-choreographed, and it's not like we get a lot of straight high fantasy on TV these days... Apparently I'd rather watch this than Private Practice, who'd've thunk...


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