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...going by the absolute amount of f*ckwittery going on when I went to see Push. 

Three idiots quite separately walked out infront of my car, and that was after two hours of the bunch of brats who insisted on talking - loudly - in the cinema tonight.  Seriously.  We all paid to sit in a dark room and watch the f*cking film, so what in hell is the point in them gossiping/bickering at full volume the entire way through.  I tried to get them kicked out after the first fifteen minutes - the mere action of me getting up and going out shut them up for about half an hour before the urge to talk overcame them overwhelmingly yet again.. By the end I was sitting there with sky high stress levels, miserably slumped with my hood up in a vain attempt to block some of the noise.  Do not cope well with distractions.  They then started throwing sweets or something behind us... God only knows.

Push kinda wasn't interesting enough to keep my attention in the face of all the crap going on in the auditorium, sadly.  There were good bits, and Dakota Fanning made a good job of it, but the plot tied itself up in tangles and Chris Evans and Camille Belle weren't making me root for them.  Lots of ripping off Heroes and Kill Bill, fantastically uneven tone, but good supporting cast...

Hey, Hong Kong looked pretty though! More batshit crazy plot though, although i should have been used to that after seeing Franklyn the week before...


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