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Yeess, well, it's a tad embarrassing to yawn through an entire afternoon training session.  People tend to take it the wrong way and all.  Ah, well...

But hey, I couldn't let the Ugly Betty/Wicked mash-up/crossover go without comment.  Unfortunately, that comment ranges between 'WTF?!' and 'ick'.   Shame, really, because thematically they work. And pro-shots of any of the Wicked casts are few and far between these days (not sure I've seen any of the LA cast before, did wonder why it all looked unfamiliar!).  But the whole ep left me cold, the songs didn't work in context, and the stage-crashing was just... odd.  And tiresome...  
And why are there no cheap seats left now for the London production, dammit!

On a completely unrelated note, the thought of there only being two more days of training before we're actually supposed to start work is a tad terrifying.  The prospect of any more arguments breaking out about fact-checking is also quite scary (we notched up two on various subjects by lunchtime, but hell, I'm staying out of it. I don't even pretend to know that much).  Possibly more scary is the thought of there not actually *being* any work for us to do (although that was a nice jam-packed Queen's speech, so we live in hope) as Christmas is coming pretty damn soon...  

But hey, walking home past all those buildings is still an amazing novelty.  I keep walking into people (hopefully not the nice parliament policeman with their submachine guns) trying to catch another glimpse of a floodlit Westminster Abbey - which may well be the prettiest building in the world, ever.  Can't really think of another contender when the light is right.  And it's probably a mark of having lived just outside the City my entire life that I've never been inside *toodles off to check the website for opening hours*.

Must.. sleep.... now...
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Well, today was strange.  And quite fun.  And, also, strange.

It was good to stretch my brain a tad again, and I didn't slide *quite* all the way under the desk when my total lack of editing skills were revealed for all the world to see...  Ack.  I don't think I ever quite learned how to copy edit properly, as proven by the myriad of unreadable scribbles all over my attempts at the editing exercises...

It wasn't terrible though, not by any means.  My security pass photo looks *awful* of course (it may be the worse yet) but oh, the fun of sitting in the press gallery during a Commons debate while the public gallery has to hide behind a very fetching plexiglass screen.  And I just missed David Cameron walking past apparently...

So, there was the opportunity to step over tourists on Westminster Bridge trying to take pictures of Big Ben (it is very tall, yes, and all shiny in the sun today, but laying down on the *pavement*? In London? Ick.  Also, lots of people trying to step on your head.).  And I got to try out the scary Star Trek security pods they use for my building, and the funky Secret Tube Entrance (it leads to a rather fab huge glass roofed atrium with real trees).

Also, I looked out the window of the training room mid afternoon, and the sun was starting to set behind some random gorgeous gothic tower, and it was all rather lovely.  

On a slightly worrying random note, tonight I discovered that apparently I've memorised big chunks of the script to You've Got Mail.  Now, if I could only harness my powers for good and learn the name of a few MPs...

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So: seeing that Layer Cake was on tonight, and desperately wanting to get the image of Daniel Craig plus oogy beard out of my head, thought I'd give it a whirl..

Obviously not one of those flicks where I was overly familiar with the cast list, given that both Michael Gambon and George Harris (as in, Kingsley in OOTP) turned up and I didn't have a clue.  For some reason (there's a chance that half a bottle of red wine may have been involved) the idea of  James Bond and Kingsley Shacklebolt riding around in a car together sorting out dodgy drug dealers had me in hysterics for about half an hour.  And this is way before Dumbledore turned up and had Dan Craig dangling over the side of a building...

And in related news of how clueless I am, it's only taken me several months to finally work out that Nat Tena was in About A Boy.  Which would account for that nagging sense of weird familiarity, I guess - although in my defense she was using a different name and I totally didn't bother checking IMDB until, erm, tonight.  Duh, as they say...


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