Aug. 22nd, 2008 11:59 pm
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 Woohoo.. so last weekend there was an ickle bitty attempt at a con run by Empire and the BFI, and for a first timer, it kinda worked out pretty well...

Saturday was the Terminator: Salvation footage, which was so cool I can't believe it's not out til next year now! I'm a little less worried about McG after that...  There was also a long presentation about next year's Pixar flick, Bolt, which looked fun (manic hampster alert!) and... why in hell did Sony think it was appropriate to just screen the cinema trailer for Quantum of Solace?! Seriously.  People don't pay to attend something like this to be shown freely available bog standard trailers; it's a waste of everyone's time.  Even worse was Paramount's pathetic "ooh, this is what we've done so far this year!" show reel.  Er, yep, we know what you already did, and NOW WE'RE BORED. We were even more bored after being shown a trailer for kiddieflick Hotel for Dogs  *shudder* and then the freaking teaser trailer for Trek?! A teaser that everyone's been able to watch online for months...  Pathetic.

Overall, I coulda done with watching the T4 footage again, and slightly less of the Jaaaaason Statham Death Race trailer, although that got to be a bit of an injoke...

Oooh, and then the mystery screening on Saturday turned out to be Rocknrolla.  Which, er, rocked.  And then GUY RICHIE SHOWED UP!
That was fun.  Mark Strong turned up with him (dude is in everything, I swear.  Stardust, Rocknrolla, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and Tristan + Isolde that I've watched in the past week alone...! and I've just realised he looks like the doc I work for, which is just weird.)
And it was Madonna's birthday and everything, so kudos and all...

What else did we get... The Twilight footage was actually pretty good, considering how awful the trailer was.  They judged it well by just showing the Edward/James smash up in the dance studio, considering most of the crowd weren't exactly au fait with it.  Except for the little group of Twihards sitting right in the middle, and squeeing at every mention, of course... I pretty much joined in after I managed to nab my copy of Eclipse at lunchtime, but what the hey, it was fun.

And... Wolfman  was a bit blah.  Outlander  was totally mental, aliens vs. Vikings, and I may well have to go see it, lol! 

Ooh, and Watchmen! that rocked! And I won a Wanted graphic, so that was just mega cool...


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