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The idea of taking time off work is starting to freak me out just a tad at this point... taking two days this week has meant working more than a day's worth of overtime over the rest of the week.  And it's not even like it's worth taking the time back in lieu, as i'm not exactly using up enough annual leave to make it worthwhile... gah.

Rolling home at 9pm every night does odd things to your brain, as it happens... I can barely string a sentence together most evenings  - although I've still managed to keep the knitting up, to a point... turns out moss stitch is not my favourite thing in the world.  After forty-odd rows, my shoulder has seized up completely (I'm starting to remember this used to happen a hell of a lot back when I still did yoga, badly...), so I finally admitted defeat and decided the damn thing wouldn't be ready in time for the party.. ho hum.  300-ish rows to finish the hood was, frankly, never gonna happen in that time frame even without the RSI kicking in.  As happens, my fabulous grandmother happened to ask about the knitting this morning, and promptly offered to lend a hand... she really is impressive, considering she called round to pick it up this morning, and called by 5pm to say half of it was finished already!! Did I mention she was fabulous?!

Being realistic, it's gonna need blocking, badly, so Saturday stil isn't really an option for it being ready... but it  only being a week late is looking realistic now, so I'm not too cut-up about it...!

Heheh.. two days off! There are birthdays tomorrow, and cakes to bake, so I'm not exactly sitting around doing nothing without the knitting.  As is, finally managed to see (500) Days of Summer tonight, which was really very cool.  Zooey Deschanel isn't nearly as unsympathetic as a lot of the reviews were making out (and was oddly channeling her sister at points in Summer.  The concept was refreshingly real, for once.. charming and bittersweet, and decidedly grown-up (whilst still being hopelessly romantic).

Of course, I now seem to have developed a irrational liking for Legend of the Seeker since they started showing double-bills on SciFi... Irrational because it's seriously silly for a great deal of time, with occasional forays into darker stuff now and then... Lordy, it's all so po-faced and serious about the absolute daftness, it kinda cracks me up.

And... kinda shipping it too. Gah. Still not sure why, as the acting is truly all over the place (the accents suffering the Curse of Xena, with a bunch of Kiwis flipping between NZ/faux English/American as and when), but the main cast take it all so seriously. It has improved over the past couple of eps, especially when they stripped down Kahlen's make-up and hair a bit and her acting magically improved... except for the seriously crack!fic episode last week when the leather-clad dominatrixes came out to play, and it was suddenly kinda disturbing... (oh and now Kahlen's just dressed up as one this week, so that's just creepy on a whole 'nother level).

It has a weird identity crisis thing going on (and I've never read the books, but have a fair idea of what they've changed).. the plots are usually frankly bobbins, and the stock fantasy cliches are all present and correct, except then they chuck in random bits of Dark Stuff every so often to make it stick  with the OTT melodrama (at least one person per ep has to keel over spewing blood, by the look of things).  And yet the concepts are kinda interesting, sometimes, the action is surprisingly well-choreographed, and it's not like we get a lot of straight high fantasy on TV these days... Apparently I'd rather watch this than Private Practice, who'd've thunk...

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Tis started to get a tad worrying that I haven't written a damn thing in, ooh... weeks, now.  Mostly because I've been knitting the Pixie Coat of Doom in every available second since i realised I'd left it a tad late to get started (ETA: 12th September, come hell, high water or anything inbetween: I am going to that 1st birthday party con present..!). Present currently consists of a back piece, 2 front panels (minus moss stitch edging) and half of one sleeve. Eeeeep!


movie-con (with added RDJ! Squeeeeeee!) )


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Oh. Hell. Yes.

It's that Movie-Con time of the year (San Diego?! Who needs San Diego! Well, ok, i do next year, but that's beside the point.) and I think I've stopped hyperventilating by now.  Possibly.

Well, hell, it's not every day that a girl gets to sit about 20 feet away from RDJ, after all.

Nope, still hyperventilating.  Let's just say Guy Ritchie wasn't exactly the main surprise guest this year :o)

*sigh*  I was holding out a bit of a forlorn hope for him turning up anyhoo, having spied he was in town this week (hell, everyone's in town this week, vis a vis Jack Black spied hopping on the 365 bus to Streatham recently...) but didn't really actually expect it when they announced the "really interesting people" just before the Holmes extended trailer (which is fabulous. And the RDJ version of the poster is now prettily adorning my desktop.. It's the Iron Man obsession all over again).

And he looked adorable, and I was sitting there clutching a cuppa, so I couldn't even clap (to be fair, I could barely breathe, thanks to the complete state of shock I was in.)

Well, that's mostly my fangirl squeeeing over with... I just watched Iron Man yet again on Sky, so I'm all RDJ'd out now, just until they show up with the Iron Man 2 footage tomorrow, honest.

The surprise screening turned out to be District 9, which made a lot of people there very happy apparently.. Heh, still not sure if i'm one of them.  I did enjoy a lot of it, but some of it was a little too.. realistic, for a flick involving giant prawn-headed aliens.  Like, Hotel Rwanda, realistic.  I had some serious empathy issues with the main protag at several points, and the 'human' names for the aliens was a little off-putting.  It was an interesting experiment, with faux-documentary styling and the Jo'burg setting (and the Afrikaans accents were, on occasion, veering toward Geordie when the cussing kicked in, and thus hilarious.  I mean, it's hard not to hear dozens of African accents a day where I work, so it's hardly novelty value, but I guess I rarely hear people at work swear quite so creatively, maybe...).

Now, Kick Ass, we loved. Everybody loved it.  And Jase Flemyng turned up (he cameos as Bob the Doorman!), along with Chris Mintz-Plasse, and much amusement was had.  The film is like Wanted (it's Mark Millar again I think?) crossed with Kill Bill part one, and gawd knows what else.  It was hysterical, and beautifully shot, and grand stuff all round, really...

And lordy is that the time...! need to sleep, methinks, as it's all starting again tomorrow...


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Heh.  Last night was Half Blood Prince at the Imax...


HBP ramblngs... )


dollhouse - ep 13 )


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Not that I've wasted the entire weekend (I really haven't) but I still seem to be sitting here surrounded by stuff with no place to put it away... gah.
Not wasted, though, in that the holiday is paid for, now, and ironing done, and this week's baked good are oatmeal shortbread from Bake! (said book is usually to be found acting as my laptop stand rather than, y'know, providing actual recipes.).  Cookies smell sooo freakin' good though I've had to come upstairs to avoid eating them all instead of dinner while they're still cooling down...!

Maybe more cupcakes next week... last week's candied orange and lemon were pretty successful, and after my little shopping spree in Waterstones, I now get to raid a mysteriously author-less Indulgence Cupcakes: A Fine Selection of Sweet Treats  and Kate Shirazi's Cupcake Magic... Which is kinda cute, being listed in order of 'faff' and benefitting the Battery Hen Welfare Trust. 

The first book is half about the (very pretty) set dressing but the recipes are damn good too.. think i'm going to have to try the hot cross bun cupcakes next week, yom!

Heh... totally forgot to post it before, but The Young Victoria? Absolutely adorable. Gorgeous stuff about extraordinary people, and while it's easy to see they had to jazz it up a bit, they didn't exactly betray the story.  And odd to see such a sweet romance in the context - I caught a Timewatch last year about the whole family history/Kensington method era, and it kinda stuck in my head.  Seeing it dramatised so beautifully - and Rupert Friend was honestly such a perfect choice for Albert - fabulous stuff.  The delicate dances around everybody trying to control them, and his constant little quirky waltz practice to try to win Victoria over.. loved it.  And putting it in context - they were married for 20 years, and she spent 40 years after that mourning him.  Extreme, and extraordinary.

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... but hey, I get to rock up to work a teeny bit later tomorrow, so it's totally rational, to my mind.

It was kinda getting to the point where there's a ridiculously long list of stuff I wanted to write about, so may as well make a start while i'm not remotely sleepy *yawn*

Ok, so I take back most of my Taylor Swift bitching from a couple weeks ago - I bought the album on impulse (not totally unexpected since I do own her first one already) and it has a certain earworm quality that's been stuck in my head ever since.  Go figure... No, the lyrics of Love Story still make absolutely no sense (wft is it supposed to be about?! Read more... )

Hmmm.. segues, segues... reincarnation! Totally the main plot point in [ profile] jo_graham 's Hand of Isis.  Read more... )Sometimes the interwebs blow my mind.

(stuff that also blows my mind: .  Really very fab.)

Gah.  As I'm still getting sniffly even thinking about Patrick Ness's The Knife of Never Letting Go, I won't go on about it right now.  But it's horrific, and perfect, and it staggers me that all the best, 'grown up' SF books seem to be stuck somewhere over in YA at the moment.  This book... ack. I had to stuff it away in my bag all of a sudden on the bus this morning and take several deep breaths, as I reached a bit that would have had me sobbing like a baby had I not been sitting on a crowded bus at the time.  Then I spent the whole day alternately raging at it, and psyching myself up to carry on reading later.
I think I'm loving it kinda fiercely right now.
And, yay for my perfect timing, book 2 comes out in six weeks...
(Also, Manchee is one of the best fictional dogs ever.  And the most uncute but heartbreakingly real fictional dog since, ooh, Dean Spanley.  Which also made me cry.  I'm thinking maybe I should give Marley &Me a miss, as I was sobbing just reading an interview about it last week, ho hum...)

Also: the picture of Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson on the front page of the tabloids today is just breaking my heart as well... The most unstaged, genuinely happy photo you could ask for. And it wasn't the best adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale, but I have such a soft spot for her playing Offred.
It's officially the first day of spring now, according to Google, and the news recently has felt a little too full of death for comfort.

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...going by the absolute amount of f*ckwittery going on when I went to see Push. 

Three idiots quite separately walked out infront of my car, and that was after two hours of the bunch of brats who insisted on talking - loudly - in the cinema tonight.  Seriously.  We all paid to sit in a dark room and watch the f*cking film, so what in hell is the point in them gossiping/bickering at full volume the entire way through.  I tried to get them kicked out after the first fifteen minutes - the mere action of me getting up and going out shut them up for about half an hour before the urge to talk overcame them overwhelmingly yet again.. By the end I was sitting there with sky high stress levels, miserably slumped with my hood up in a vain attempt to block some of the noise.  Do not cope well with distractions.  They then started throwing sweets or something behind us... God only knows.

Push kinda wasn't interesting enough to keep my attention in the face of all the crap going on in the auditorium, sadly.  There were good bits, and Dakota Fanning made a good job of it, but the plot tied itself up in tangles and Chris Evans and Camille Belle weren't making me root for them.  Lots of ripping off Heroes and Kill Bill, fantastically uneven tone, but good supporting cast...

Hey, Hong Kong looked pretty though! More batshit crazy plot though, although i should have been used to that after seeing Franklyn the week before...

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Hmm... I think the massive sugar high is finally starting to wear off now (and ooh, its my birthday already) but mainly I walked out of the Imax press screening tonight very, very buzzed that Watchmen didn't suck.

Honestly, it's very hard to pick holes in what they did with the adaptation and the choices Zack Snyder et al made - except Malin Ackerman, of course - and the result is seriously impressive.  In Imax, it's an incredible amount to take in, but it looks fantastic.

spoilery Watchmen movie goodness )

There, I'm bitching again but I don't mean it.  Hell of a lot more fun than dragging through the whole graphic novel, and if you're going to adapt something, this is the way to do it.  Have no idea what someone who hasn't read the book would make of it - it's not exactly.. accessible - but it's remarkably faithful to the script and the visuals, and perks some parts of it right up.

And highly amusing to see the credit sequence, where a lone 'co-created by Dave Gibbons' marks the spot where Alan Moore's name refuses to be.  Shame, cos this one is actually worth it, after all the failed attempts we've seen before.

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Haha, finally made it to the gym today!! Not that I've found several hundred excuses not to go for the past few weekends, but, ahem...

Otherwise today was mostly catching The Secret of Moonacre - minus any of the usual references to JK Rowling that adorn the cover of The Little White Horse.  Probably because it's barely recognisable as an adaptation, but there you go... I mainly went to ogle the production design and steal costume ideas for my victoriana wannabe, for which it served its purpose nicely.  Edwardian/Victoriana Steampunk gone mad? yes please!  And Natasha McElhone being kooky with birdsnest hair?  Fabulous stuff.

Shame somebody went mad in the editing suite and hacked out any notion of a logical plot or character development (yes, it would help greatly if the audience knew who the hell Robin was.  Just saying.)

Should it bug me so much that they based the costume design for the 'baddies' on Clockwork Orange?  I'm not sure, but they even had the voices sound 'Droogish' and it felt a little.. creepy for a kid's film - especially when they were pushing young girls around.  Ack.
Plus, y'know, Tim Curry wearing what is indupitably a gimp mask all the way through.  I rest my case...

Following on from which, there still isn't a DVD release for the 1989 adaptation of Joan Aiken's The Wolves of Willoughby Chase.  And now I'm really hoping my copy of the book hasn't rotted away from being in storage for several years... it kinda shaped my reading tastes way back when, methinks.

white out

Feb. 2nd, 2009 12:13 am
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Contrary to every single romcom set in Ye Olde Englande, it really doesn't snow here very much at all. 
Yep, we're on the same latitude as Moscow, but thanks to the lovely gulf stream, it mainly rains. A lot. All winter (and all of last summer, too.)

In fact, large chunks of the northern hemisphere would find it extremely funny quite how unprepared for the slightest hint of snow most of the UK is (back in January 2003, people got stuck in their cars on the M25 for about 8 hours. It was insane.).

So this afternoon, when it started snowing, everyone went a little bit snow-crazy.  Howling freezing gale? check. lots and lots of cold wet stuff? also check.  And it actually settled, for once.  We don't really get 'snow days' around here, as a rule.  For one, hardly anybody lives so far out in the sticks that they literally can't get out of the house.  For another thing, all the bus routes get gritted, and you'd be hard pressed to be that far from a bus route in this part of the world (whether the trains will be working tomorrow will be something else entirely. Apparently we have very temperamental train lines...)

It's still snowing now, and has been mostly all night. The street outside is glowing vivid orange under the streetlights and it's curiously bright outside for gone midnight.  The Doodle Dog has seen snow lots of times (it settled heavily quite late spring last year after we got him, and it was snowing when we first saw him at Easter in the rescue centre) and so has Kitten, so i guess the novelty is about to wear off right about the point when i have to start battling into work tomorrow.

Snow doesn't.. settle in the City so much; its mostly just cold and slushy and wet. Yuck.

Elsewhere, I'm mostly totally geeking over Lost.  Fabulous, fabulous stuff, and there is so little decent TV left to watch these days (I'm down to sky-plussing ER, Psych, Brothers & Sisters, and BSG now. Which is just sad - it's January; prime TV season.) I'm trying to gee myself up to watch BSG and not succeeding, so far.  I know what happens, and it's just too damn depressing right now...

Mostly, it's all just winding down to the end - the last season of ER (Abby leaving was so damn nostalgic), 8 eps of BSG left, the last few Daisies to watch at some point, the last part of Prison Break later in the year and... Well, 34 eps of Lost to go.  I'm gonna miss that the most.

'What You Left Behind' was wonderful, geeky stuff; 'The Lie' was heartbreaking, and after accidentally reading a couple of tidbits for 'Jughead', I couldn't even wait 4 days for Sky to show it. And then I watched it on TV again tonight, and then hit the net for spoilers because I absolutely couldn't bear the thought of Charlotte dying and breaking Dan's heart. Gah. I'm such a sucker for hopeless ships. 

But it was all such good stuff - Desmond and Penny (cue dreadful Brit accents from most of the supporting cast, ick)  plus baby Charlie :o) And then Dan had messed up some girl's brain (oh she of the dreadful Mockney peroxide sister) and apparently knew the annoying 1954 Ellie from somewhere, and then declared undying love for Charlotte (oh she of the timetravel nosebleeds) right before going to defuse the nuclear bomb... I love that Lost is completely mental, all the time. And now I have to go sleep.

What I shouldn't have done tonight was watch Hitman. Horrible stuff - a nasty rip off of the Dark Angel opening plus a stupid version of the Transporter 3 plot, but with 94 per cent less fun stuff.  Every single female in it was mostly naked and/or a hooker, and after seeing T-Bag and Desmond playing ker-razy Russians with bad accents, my brain wanted to explode. 

Good stuff, recently - Frost/Nixon was a gorgeous, funny, dark and slightly eccentric battle of wits ("I used to love cheeseburgers!") that was far, far more entertaining than I expected.
(nb: my brain cannot cope with trailers for Frost/Nixon and Underworld 3 in the same ad break. Yes, Michael Sheen is versatile, but I can't but think the universe will implode or something)

Slumdog Millionaire - well, Danny Boyle is not my favourite director, but this was gold. Dickensian nastiness, some gems of child actors, genius camerawork and cinematography and the darkness balanced with the ultimate hope that destiny is writing the ending for you.  and Indian Millionaire! And the little Eastenders breakdown! And a rather fabulous dance sequence over the closing credits, in what turned out to be one of the scenes of the Mumbai terrorist attacks last  year.. Loved it.

Australia, much as I wanted to give it a go, turned out not to be good stuff.  It was muddled and so, so ridiculously long, and did Baz even watch African Queen before he kept comparing this to it?! I love Baz Luhrman, I really do, but this was a misfire - I genuinely did want to know more about the Darwin bombings, but the constant clunky harping on about racism undermined everything else.  The narration, for one thing... Whale Rider works, beautifully, with Keisha Castle-Hughes narrating, because it's Pai's story, and Pai's story is ultimately her whole family's story.  Australia doesn't know who's story it wants to be, and it's really not Nullah's enough for him to narrate.  Sarah, maybe, would have been a smarter choice, as she's the one who changes.

But instead we get the loony tunes version to start with, lots of (quite frankly patronising) 'ethnic' lecturing.  Honestly, it gave me the creeps.  Australia still has major problems with attitudes towards aboriginal people (literally from what I've witnessed myself recently) whatever the situation is, and I didn't feel comfortable watching something 30s set that wanted to use 30s racist slang and still lecture about the Stolen Generation, while also wanting to claim that Aboriginals can.. stop bullets? There are films that put a lot more thought into  how Australia really was, and is - Rabbit Proof Fence addresses the Stolen Generation; Jindabyne  has the modern culture clash, and even 10 Canoes had a wide release last year.

Maybe it's just me, but the historical situation, and the reality of what exists today, deserves more than the endless cartoonish mess Australia  ended up being.  People kept trying to stand up and leave, only to realise it wasn't even nearly over, and I honestly walked out feeling like I'd been beaten around the head with a didgeridoo for 3 hours straight.  But I will still say that the scene where Nicole Kidman tries to describe The Wizard of Oz is the most acting she's done in years, bless her...

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So, tonight makes me ask the obvious question: Jason Statham vs Dan Craig vs, er, Matt Damon

Honestly, Transporter 3 was about a billion times more fun than Quantum of Solace. It didn't want to be Bourne part VIII, and it was directed by someone who actually let you see what was going on, rather than piling on zooms and jump cuts just because everyone else is (it was interesting in Bourne Identity; everything after that got very old very quickly).  Shocking, I know.

Oh, I know the Transporter flicks are trash.  But they're bloody well done trash, and more to the point, they're fun.  Casino Royale  was fun, and so was the first Bourne - before they got all wrapped up in their own po-faced self-importance in the sequels.  I can't think of a single sequence in Quantum, Supremacy or Ultimatum that I really remember or want to sit through again - each to their own, of course, but I was bored silly by the complete lack of character or meaningful plot.

The worse bit - being that I've seen Identity more times than I should - is that they are, ultimately, pointless.  more whinig about Bourne films )
Anyhoo, Transporter3 was pretty much reliably entertaining - you can't go that far wrong with The Stath, after all.  The boy keeps a straight face through hell or high water, or, indeed, driving a car into a train.  From the roof of another bit of the train.. The fight scenes were great (let's strip during a fight and see how many items of clothing can be used as weapons! In a garage!) and the script was suitably bonkers (yay Luc Besson!) to the point where I spent most of it cracking up every few minutes.  Even the nutty Ukrainian love interest was quite amusing (oh, and I wanted her hair.  Which I'm 90% sure was actually a wig.).  More than anything, it was inventive - Jase can't go more than 50 feet from his pretty shiny Audi, or he'll go boom. Which is a bugger when he drives off a bridge into a nice cold deep Ukrainian lake... that scene was classic.  And they had T Bag from Prison Break as the baddy, with 50% less psycho hillbilly accent!

So: fun.  And then I even got home in time to squee through most of the last ep of The Devil's Whore... Devil's Whore finale ramblings )


Aug. 22nd, 2008 11:59 pm
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 Woohoo.. so last weekend there was an ickle bitty attempt at a con run by Empire and the BFI, and for a first timer, it kinda worked out pretty well...

Saturday was the Terminator: Salvation footage, which was so cool I can't believe it's not out til next year now! I'm a little less worried about McG after that...  There was also a long presentation about next year's Pixar flick, Bolt, which looked fun (manic hampster alert!) and... why in hell did Sony think it was appropriate to just screen the cinema trailer for Quantum of Solace?! Seriously.  People don't pay to attend something like this to be shown freely available bog standard trailers; it's a waste of everyone's time.  Even worse was Paramount's pathetic "ooh, this is what we've done so far this year!" show reel.  Er, yep, we know what you already did, and NOW WE'RE BORED. We were even more bored after being shown a trailer for kiddieflick Hotel for Dogs  *shudder* and then the freaking teaser trailer for Trek?! A teaser that everyone's been able to watch online for months...  Pathetic.

Overall, I coulda done with watching the T4 footage again, and slightly less of the Jaaaaason Statham Death Race trailer, although that got to be a bit of an injoke...

Oooh, and then the mystery screening on Saturday turned out to be Rocknrolla.  Which, er, rocked.  And then GUY RICHIE SHOWED UP!
That was fun.  Mark Strong turned up with him (dude is in everything, I swear.  Stardust, Rocknrolla, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and Tristan + Isolde that I've watched in the past week alone...! and I've just realised he looks like the doc I work for, which is just weird.)
And it was Madonna's birthday and everything, so kudos and all...

What else did we get... The Twilight footage was actually pretty good, considering how awful the trailer was.  They judged it well by just showing the Edward/James smash up in the dance studio, considering most of the crowd weren't exactly au fait with it.  Except for the little group of Twihards sitting right in the middle, and squeeing at every mention, of course... I pretty much joined in after I managed to nab my copy of Eclipse at lunchtime, but what the hey, it was fun.

And... Wolfman  was a bit blah.  Outlander  was totally mental, aliens vs. Vikings, and I may well have to go see it, lol! 

Ooh, and Watchmen! that rocked! And I won a Wanted graphic, so that was just mega cool...
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Heh.  So as MovieCon and all the exclusive Twilight footage, yada yada, was actually this weekend already, I finally read Twilight Sunday night, which has been sitting in a bag since I bought it six weeks ago, and then kinda sat up late finishing New Moon last night, and stopped off at the station Smiths to buy Eclipse, which had been sitting right next to the other two on Monday.. And the buggers had sold out!!   

As there's a seriously sickening lack of book shops in this bit of town (yeah, central London, shocking) my sugar reading binge has been cut off short as of this morning.  I was marooned, Without Book, all lunchtime.... And all tonight... and, well, til the last two arrive from, where I was forced to order them from as soon as I got to work this morning.  Gah.

Oh lordy, I'm still not entirely sure why I feel so totally compelled to read them, but it's something approaching the compulsion that makes me eat a dozen krispy kremes in quick succession when nobody's around to see...

It's something like the bastard tweeny child of my Favourite Book Ever, Sunshine,  and a bit of Buffy, and a lot of po-faced moping around, and then about 78 per cent Sparkle.  The Sparkle cracks me up, and then makes me want to hide under a pillow for even managing to read the damn thing with a straight face.  New Moon was a lot less Sparkle, sadly, but I'm ready to forgive...

What I shouldn't have done, obviously, was watch the trailer for the film tonight. Absolutely. Freaking. Awful.

I'm having Blood & Chocolate flashbacks, that's how awful.  Where's the snark?! Where's the frickin' voice?

Why the, er, obsession with James? I'm not sure a five minute appearance in the book exactly deserves half the trailer being devoted to him?! (And I so very much did not get the impression from the book that there were baseball shirts involved in the game scene in any way shape or form.  Because they look exceedingly stupid in the trailer.) And what the hell is going on with Edward's hair? It must have its own postcode at this point...

Have to go sleep now... the disappointment is seriously exhausting :o (

Heh.  Also, MovieCon.... will be politely confiscating everyone's phones as we go in.  This is, er.. new. And slightly paranoid.


Aug. 14th, 2008 11:50 pm
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It feels kinda weird, actually going to the cinema again on a regular basis. Not that I'm complaining, mind, it's just that the truly awful films are slipping back into the mix with it...

Well, X Files wasn't awful, to be fair.  It was a particularly daft attempt at grafting a plot on to somewhere it didn't want to be, and some of the dialogue was excrutiating, but I really did love Chris Carter for his wonderfully shippy vision... There was much squeeing on my part, let's just say.  And much WTF-ery  from me and my non-fan mate at Billy Connolly being Serious Aktor.  Hee.

But The Mummy 3: TombDragonWhatsit... now that was awful.  Apparently written by muppets who had never watched the first two films, and cast by blind, deaf imbeciles (Maria Bello doing a bad Rachel Weizs impression?! Seriously? Was that the BEST you could come up with?! Did you hear her accent?).  It was almost impressive the way they butchered the character relationships quite so enthusiastically, coupled with a plot that made precisely no sense, and was seven ways of boring in going about it. 

Soooo many burning bits of awfulness that had me sinking down in my seat and trying to pretend it wasn't happening, but the Brit moppet from Returns now morphed into a very American moron... that was pretty bad.  Jet Li's agent should get kudos for managing to secure joint top billing for what is essentially a cameo (ooh, first five mins of the film where they steal bits of Hero and Crouching Tiger before he turns into BadCGI Chocolate Monster Mummy, and then pops up again at the end).  Spending the entire rest of the film not appearing in person or doing the mummy voice... and yet apparently star of the show!)

And oh, Michelle Yeoh... did you even read the script before you signed up?! I'm still waiting to hear exactly what my friend's Chinese housemate thought of the seriously dodgy version of China, but I get the impression she wasn't amused.

And Yetis... why did it have to be Yetis? High-fiving Yetis, no less... The mind boggles.

I'm seriously looking forward to Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day next week... what a cast! and frilly frou-frou pre-war London stuff. It looks shiny.

Of course, I still have to see Dark Knight again (can't believe I've left it this long, really) but I can probably live without seeing Mamma Mia ever again, really. The whole Pierce Brosnan/Colin Firth casting had me hiding under the seat every time they started singing.  Although, Meryl Streep, on a clifftop, belting out Winner Takes It All... kinda rocked.  I could watch that bit again.

And now to spend the whole weekend at MovieCon, pretending it's anything like San Diego and fighting through the hordes of rampaging Twilight fans...
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So: as we need to see Dark Knight again, and I've never been to the Imax, and it's supposed to be pretty damn good on Imax, and as we'll be at the BFI anyway for this Movie Con thing weekend after next (nope, still have no idea what the MovieCon entails. Paid for tickets, gawd I hope my longstanding faith in Empire pays off this time..) thought it might be an idea to go buy Imax tickets for then...

Except, every frickin' time I try to go book, the website is down.  I swear, they seem to be closed for essential maintenance every single night after ten pm... And yet it's managed to sell out the Saturday already, except for the 11.30pm performance. Dammit.

And Wall-E?  Adorable. Bubble wrap, Hello Dolly, adorable.
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Oh my god. Dark Knight. Still reeling from it, and to think I'd pretty much decided I wasn't going to enjoy it...

That was intense.  And traumatic.  Relentless, remorseless.. it's halfway to being very hard to watch, if only because they keep throwing the action and ethics and characters at you with no let up, just wave on wave of cool stuff and trauma.

Christian Bale was somehow much more sympathetic this time around (the spoiled brat thing last time got annoying), even with the whole assault charge thing... like everyone else (except Maggie G) he totally disappears into the character.  And he's actually quite adorable, this time...

Think a repeat viewing will be in order, if only to get all the plot straight in my head. Man, that was intense.

Note to self, do not go home and try watching the Tim Burton 1989 version.  It's like a frikkin' pantomime in comparison.
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There was a valiant attempt to read the whole of the last-but-one Dresden Files today (Proven Guilty) just so as I can get something in on the review deadline tomorrow... and I think I need to sleep now, still with 200 pages to go.   Ah, nevermind, it was worth a shot. Wonderfully easy to read, though, which is more than I can say for the Joanne Harris I'm stuck on page 50 of, Runemarks ... Killer first sentence, but it reads like very young-skewed YA at this point.  And I'm just feeling old this week.

Last night was mainly spent sitting up too late trying to work out exactly what Verhoeven was trying to say with Black BookCarice van Houten? Totally rocks on every level.  The script was mostly precise and witty and genuinely unexpected - it's really not often you get any Nazis portrayed sympathetically, and this really went all out with some of the characters.  Others, not so much; and some of the plot twists stretched belief a little.  Lots of very good stuff (a seriously disgusting riff on that Flashdance chain/water sequence; an insulin version of the gun on the mantle; death by coffin!), but packed into an overlong and uneven whole... I liked it rather than loved it, and it exhausted the adrenaline the thriller element needed well before the end.

Not particularly impressed with Film4 showing a themed trailer for their latenight strand with a totally spoilery scene from Black Book in an ad break half an hour before the end. Shots of certain characters facing firing squads tend to be a dead giveaway, would you believe...

war wounds

Feb. 1st, 2008 12:14 am
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Demon kitten is uncharacteristically snoozing on my lap, which at least makes a nice change from 
a) chewing and scratching my hands to bits (I keep having to tell people I have a demon kitten as they seem to leap to the strange conclusion that the mass of scratches that used to be the back of  my hands is self-inflicted. Go figure. I'm really not the type.)
b) walking on laptop keyboard and bashing the touchscreen
c) chewing the side of the laptop
All standard feline behaviour, basically... I have to leave her alone in the house for the next two nights, and I'm panicking about it already.  Someone will be in to feed her and hopefully keep her company for a while, but she's still just a baby and prefers to be around people.  I have to keep reminding everything that she's only just four months old now, however much she may have grown in the past few weeks, and can't really be expected to act like a grown-up just yet...

On another note entirely, there was a singularly annoying article on the Times site today deriding all chick-flicks made in the last three decades... If the writer had any concept of genre, or been able to tell the difference between 'chick-flicks', 'rom-coms' and 'chick-lit', it might have not have been so completely irritating.  But she blatantly couldn't, slated all my favourites--and all in the name of promoting the new Ryan Reynolds blokey rom-com, written by the idiot who adapted Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason *urgh*  
Whiny writer unfortunately makes Definitely, Maybe sound dull, worthy and irritating.  Add to the fact it has an annoyingly meaningless title nicked from an Oasis album, there's been zero buzz about it (I hadn't even heard of it until I saw a bus ad yesterday in town, and I devour about three film magazines a month), and it's 'political', its chances of Richard Curtis-stylee world domination are slim.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm still considering How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days a classic of the genre.  And The Holiday makes me cry.  So there...
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On the plus side: through the wonders of LJ, a bargainous copy of my Night Train to Munich dvd is winging its way to me through the fantastically unreliable Royal Mail, so, yay!

On the downside: I leave work (if it's Tuesday, it must be parliament..) horrendously late and then inflict the horrors of a city branch of Tesco Metro on myself.  Get home even more horrendously late to be told that I need to get an updated copy of my CV ready by tomorrow for a friend of my dad's who's Very Important and Knows People.
Er... CV kinda hasn't been touched since '06.  And what I do at the moment doesn't exactly transcribe well into that format.  Also, had sooo many jobs at this point that the two page format is getting seriously stretched...

I think I've fixed it, to a point.  I'm also so tired I can't think straight, so the whole thing may be on a hiding to nothing...  we shall see.  Lots of downsizing fonts and adding the word 'celebrity' into previous job descriptions, because the worlds of private medicine and tax have been *so* very glamorous so far, I don't think. 
Although...I'm still chuffed I got to take a message from Ray Harryhausen once upon a time, who was absolutely lovely for the thirty seconds I was talking to him :o) And  I managed not to be all fangirly for the entire time, go me!

Ah, well, back to the grindstone/word document for me...
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Also, ack.  Trawling the BFI website after last week, I discover the last film in their Margaret Lockwood season is something I've never heard of, Night Train to Munich.  Of course, when something gets described as an 'unofficial sequel' (ie, attempt to cash in) on The Lady Vanishes, with ML playing a similar character, directed by Carol Reed with another script from Frank Lauder and Sydney Gilliat and cameos from Caldicott and Charters, I start wanting to move unreasonable mountains to see it.

Of course, it's only showing Wednesday afternoon, and with the best will in the world, I can't exactly do a runner halfway through the day and skip down the South Bank for a film.  *gnashes teeth*

Would a dvd release be too much to ask...? Pretty please.

Randomly, Lauder & Gilliat also wrote the original St Trinians, the remake of which was a total blast when I saw it last week... It's not the kind of flick that would usually be able to boast two Bond girls--Caterina Murino from Casino Royale and Gemma Arterton from, erm, Quantum of Solace--but now I feel officially reassured that Gem Arterton completely rocks.  Can't bring myself to watch Hitman to do the same for Olga Kuryenko as yet though, mainly because I'm pretty sure she's gonna disappoint.

Quantum has grown on me a tad since they first announced it, but, seriously... the amount of complete bull they spouted at the press conference is worrying me.  "It's, like, a moment of peace in a relationship and, like, Bond can't have that with Vesper".  Also, guys? You missed the part where she's dead, so basically a moot point, no?

If you want to have a wacky title, go right ahead.  Please don't try and pretend it means anything by spouting psychobabble crap.  You. Are. Making. A. Bond. Film.  Just avoid any invisible cars, Madonna and Denise Richards and we'll be fine.


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