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I've been making an effort the last few weeks to actually go see some films for a change, after a few months of not really bothering - it's been a mixed bag, but mostly not so bad.

Seeing as Source Code was something I'd been looking forward to for absolutely months, it turned out to be a partial success - lots of it was charming and smart, the cinematography was lovely and the Jake/Michelle pairing were fairly cute - it was just... if you're going for a timetravel/parallel universe schtick of that complexity, you need to pay attention to all the details.  Descending into schmaltz because somebody told you to go for a happy ending isn't really the way to go, unfortunately...

I had problems with the lack of attention to important stuff - ok, I had the same problem with Colter's lack of obvious life support that I had with Dark Knight's attitude to burns.  You go to all that effort to ground the rest of it in reality and then slip up with something blatently unrealistic. Massive facial burn injuries do not behave like Harvey's did.  If Colter is really dead (and although you'd think his half-a-corpse does seem to suggest that, he does start with the REM later on!!) then there really wouldn't be any brain activity, surely. He would also need to be, er, preserved in some way, and that freaky OTT chamber (complete with Big Red Button) really didn't seem frosty enough to be freezing him.  If he's alive, then.. oh dear god, there would need to be some kind of life support in there somewhere... bodies don't keep themselves alive - blood needs to circulate (although how that works with his lower half missing, I don't even wanna go there).  And then my brain melted...!

I initially thought, yay, happy ending! How unusual! Except, it felt more than a little forced, after all that; and eventually the thought of Colter being trapped in Sean's stolen body, having to fake his life and live with the consequences (and never see his dad again) whilst dealing with the whole thing about actually being dead... it got more than a little bleak and depressing, to be honest.

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