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kinda starting to learn my lesson... the laptop has to stay off on weeknights if i want to get to bed anytime before 1am.  It was a little bit ridiculously obvious when i was getting three hours less sleep (and digressing, but wtf Sky One seems to be re-enacting the Austen Powers/sausage/milkjugs scene for a trailer about a nudist show?! Decidedly odd, in context). Also, the Avatar tv adverts kicked off today... only 6 weeks to go?

Aaand, today I've been online for about a million hours. Muscles may well be atrophying, i probably wouldn't even notice, but I have finally managed to watch the first 4 eps of Stargate Universe. 

Which really is pretty damn watchable, considering I haven't watched any SG since, er, the pilot of SG1 way way way way back when (and, also, Scarlet Johannsen is now rolling around on a bed for D&G perfume?! Heh, Keira Knightly does not have much competition when it comes to the advertising there...).  So... SGU - not all that bad! It's really not BSG standard by a long reach, and saying they were aiming for Firefly is weird when its blatently not that kinda show. Chloe's not looking that much like Summer Glau, plus totally different kind of character.  But SGU is lacking in the quirk (BSG was all about the wtf, but not so much about the quirk.  FF, all about the quirk.).  It does have Robert Carlisle being fabulously complicated though, and Eli does make for a nicely sympathetic viewpoint character, so looks like I'll keep watching.

And, dammit, just noticed The Village is on. 

So, obviously I have to watch it... However awful a lot of Shyamalan's work is, I never cease to be caught up in this one.  The atmosphere, the cinematography, the symbolism (rocking chairs!), Bryce Dallas Howard being truly fabulous, possibly the most romantic non-proposal-that-really-is-a-proposal ever (it's her completely expressionless face that gets me, and all you see is a tear fall on the side away from camera).  Its twist is the non-supernatural reality, and yet there's still a subtle underlying spookiness that hints there's something else going on as well (Ivy's certainly seeing something when she talks about the colours).  And possibly the best dialogue he's ever written - it's the only film of his where the twist actually doesn't impact on your understanding of the main characters, because their reality is still absolutely real for them.  So what if it's not really set in the past; Lucius and Ivy have lived their entire lives that way (and obviously you hope they carrying on living like that, thanks to that pretty damn ambiguous ending!) so the big reveal about the older characters doesn't change all that much, really... Love, love, love.

Whew, while I'm staying up late yet again, I may as well post all the stuff I haven't bothered with for the past few weeks... 

Legend of the Seeker - er, yep, I got kinda hooked.  And it got a lot better, over time, but that still didn't change the wtf-ery of the season finale (and I knew exactly what was going to happen and I still sat there in hysterics!).  Although, Craig Horner's face when he tried to choke out the line "You loved me through time!" was so absolutely classic.. The entire cast have admirable powers of pronoucing every cheesy line with absolute conviction but that really did take the proverbial biscuit.  I LOVED that Kahlen is still absolutely set on the whole infanticide thing ("I'll only marry unwillingly you if you provide healers for every village! OMG our baby's a boy, I MUST KEEL HIM NOW!".  That and the enormous body count Our Heroes chalk up every episode are so wonderfully at odds with them being Our Heroes that it never fails to amuse.

The  ending, of course, was seriously rubbish - soooo, in this version Darken Rahl isn't even his dad?! And he basically destroyed himself when he crashlanded from being  a Big Black Bat...? Eh. Meh much.  Much more interesting was the preceding ep where the Dark Lord told Amnesiac!Jennsen fairy stories about Richard that were actually kinda true (and he was their brother in that version?). Tad confusing...  Also, he didn't really get confessed, so they still can't be together.. aw, give the guys a break for one episode! I have the book now so can compare and contrast...!

Also... Ah, I accidentally ended up booking tickets to the Mayor's Gala showing of Bright Star at the London Film Festival week before last, and have been raving about it to anyone who stands still long enough ever since. But it was brilliant!   

Boris was there! And he gave a mad speech about filming in London and then rewrote Keats poetry! And then had to be interrupted by the Festival creative director, who thought he was about to introduce the film when he was only supposed to be introducing Jane Campion... hilarity ensued..! Honestly, it was worth shelling out twenty quid just to see the show (and turns out Kathryn Bigelow beats Jane Campion hands down in the glamour stakes!).
 So the intro was fantastic, and then the film... ohh, gorgeousness.  The lingering on embroidery and constant sewing, as the one thing these women could do for themselves when their lives were so restricted.  The whole Brawne family were so well played (and the relationship between the sisters was so lovely) that it set the backdrop to the doomed romance against some kind of domestic reality.   I barely recognised Abbie Cornish with brown hair (she looked oddly like a very young Greta Schacchi) but she absolutely sold the story (and Ben Whishaw was kinda adorable).  I think it worked so well because the characters balanced everything out - Fannie's strident, glamorous practicality against the boys who kept trying to make a living from words, and that not bringing in the money (and the hysterics and self-harming she was reduced to when she had to be away from him).  Her mother's quiet desperation at her daughter throwing her life away for someone who basically couldn't afford her, and her siblings trying to deal with the aftermath... it was all gorgeous stuff.  One of the most beautiful films I've ever seen as well... did I mention that I loved it already?!



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